• A slow motion or bullet time session

    Hi guys, I briefly must tell you about my last edging session. This morning I stayed in bed and had some awesome slow-mo edging fun only holding my member with two fingers and doing nothing else at all. First to initiate some arousal I had positioned my left forefinger right above my member’s root and lay the ball of my right hand on my solar plexus with forefinger and middlefinger above and below my left nipple. Soon I felt arousal building up in my abdomen and briefly closing my fingers to touch my nipple already provoke some strong involuntaries. When I finally was rock hard and thrusting forward my pulsating member I decided to sit up and do some slo mo edging. I pushed down my boxers and held my member between forefinger and middlefinger of my right hand. My forefinger rested at the height of my multiple ridged band and my middlefinger I put short below my frenulum. Then I did nothing else. My gland took over and sent out one orgasm after the other throughout my body. From time to time a drop of precum appeared on my glans and some more involuntaries along with more orgasms shook my body. Often I felt really close to cumming but the only fluid I produced remained to be precum. After a while my feelings calmed down but soon built up again and adding some little nipple stim finally grew up to at least three very satifying superOs. What a morning, oh yeaaaahhhh!


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      11/04/2018at12:42 pm

      Wow @SOwithoutaneros. You break all the rules with this report. Three super Os playing with your rewired dick.

      What an accomplishment and what heavenly fun that must have been considering how much every man on the planet loves playing with his dick.

      There’s hope for me. Thanks for sharing your wonderful mantime with us.

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      11/04/2018at1:56 pm

      @Turnrow, I don’t think I’m breaking any rules. For the phase of rewiring it makes sense to abstain from playing your dick, but when successfully rewired, I see no need to not touch your dick any longer. Instead this morning I used four fingers, additionaly my forefinger of my left hand to push the drops of precum towards the frenulum and from time to time to tease it, gently massaging the spot in circles, and my thumb to only be put on my glans as opponent without moving. My glans did finally bath in precum, no SuperOs this time but nevertheless a blissful morning hour in bed. Life is so wonderful!

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      11/04/2018at4:05 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros. Ooh, la, la! As they say in France. Splendid description.

    • Avatar for Turnrow


      11/04/2018at7:33 pm

      @SOwithoutaneros. Was just kidding you about the rules given how much “penis Not” is preached on this website.

      I am intrigued by you men reporting how wonderful dick play is after the rewiring. Truly aneros rewiring is the closest thing to the fountain of youth available for men and sexual pleasure.

      Thanks for even more insight into your wonderful world of your methods of self pleasure.

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