• A Slight Idea Of A Super-T

    First I have to thank @GGringo and @goldenboy, i’m pleased for your comments, it is an enormous support for me and my journey to get your prompt feedback. Reflecting on your worthful comments often discloses some hidden secrets to me:
    As I typed my blog yesterday night, there were some slight vibes coming up. Still rather exhausted and driven by an inner feeling I decided to go rub one out instead of trying to repeat the Aless session of the night before, although I was longing to continue these successful experiences.
    While masturbating p-waves mingled into the penile sensations, but I continued and ignored them. Coming close the p-waves nevertheless became even stronger and finally supported a very productive and intense orgasm. That gave me an idea what a “Super-T” may feel like. Thinking back I must admit that I couldn’t say how long I didn’t ejaculate before.
    Looking at that period of abstinence and repeated Aless sessions I come to the conclusion that this combination led to those wonderful Super-Os In My Chair.
    And thanks to @GGringos I today indeed notice a particular point on my chair that puts more pressure on my prostate when I lean forward for typing.
    Have a good time and stay curious!


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      11/10/2016at12:15 am

      @SOwithoutAneros, thank you for the good comments but I need to give credit to where it’s due. The suggestion of a particular point on the chair comes from @goldenboy, not me. Incidently, it’s something I plan to try soon.
      Good write-up!

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      11/10/2016at10:56 pm

      @GGringo, thanks for your hint and for your praise, too. @goldenboy, sorry for my mistake and many thanks to you for this chair thing. It seems that I was a little too exhausted and too tired to put the comments to the right persons. Therefore I will rather read your blog updates tomorrow, when I will have recovered from the working week, although I’m already craving for what may follow your tempting headlines! Good night!

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