• A short break helps

    It has been awhile since my last post, being distracted with work and perhaps trying too hard to meet expectations that I found my daily Anerosessions becoming fruitless. However, sometimes breaks actually help with progress and after a 2 week break I tried again.

    The first thing I noticed after insertion was that there was a pleasurable almost ticklish feeling that caused my belly to very lightly contract in response. Usually I’d have some form of nipple play or at least circing around the chest area but this session I tried something different. I kept my hands on the bed the entire time and it seems to help with relaxing and actually allowing me to focus even more on the prostate stimulation.

     This session I tried a a binaural audio track that included female moans. I let go and the body was aroused enough to react to each moan. With each reactionary contraction, the pleasure built up and my penis went from a flaccid to rock hard. This is the point where I usually get stuck and hit a plateau, however I managed to relax through the contractions and entered into orgasm territory. This time it was the audio that brought me over to the other side instead of the nipple stimulation. (I’m starting to believe those HFO audios work..)

    During this session there were many mini O’s which I would describe as light contractions building up to a normal length climatic orgasm centered in the prostate, while some levelled out at a plateau.

    I noticed that there was a definite auto- movement of the Aneros. I was more aware of each stroke and it was more obvious than just a mild feeling. At one point there was a strong dry orgasm that pulsed straight through the penis. The audio helped to build arousal but eventually the pleasure created by the Aneros took over the main stage.

    I guess the takeaway is that by taking a break and coming back during a less distracting time with no expectations, my involuntaries got even stronger and more distinct.

    On a separate note, in an earlier session I tried to manually contract the PC muscles and it felt pleasurable enough for me to contract my abs and the full body spasms ensued. I let the tension in the body go and the spasms start which involves thrusting the hips in the air. Kinda like in the videos… however with all the flopping about, it was decently pleasurable but not orgasmic. Maybe there were orgasms underneath all the movement but I’m not attuned enough to sense it, or is the high intensity movement drowning out the orgasm?

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