• A Sexy Weekend

    This morning in chat there was some discussion of 3 AM being peak time for men to orgasm as a result of elevated testosterone level. It certain has been the case for me as it has become a programmed ritual with me over the years to wake up at 3 – 4 AM or so and launch immediately into a one or two hour session and then go back to sleep.
    Last Saturday morning it was 3:30 when I woke. Unlike many early morning wake ups, my cock was not totally erect. It was firm and rubbery in semi arousal but not hard; but my prostate was already tingling in anticipation of a session. It was like little tiny fingernails were deep inside me teasing me and tantalizing my swelling gland.
    I rolled over on my side to face J who was lying on her side facing away from me. The skin on her exposed derriere was soft and velvety. Before I did anything I slid my hand over the heart shaped satin softness of her rear. Then I slowly eased up against her, grasping my firming cock in my hand guiding my mushroom shaped cockhead into the warm caress of her ass crease to kiss her asshole.
    Her hot anal opening tenderly kissed my cockhead and in the process cast its erotic spell on me. In seconds I could feel my prostate fill like it was a water balloon stretched over a surging faucet. In minutes I felt my swollen gland pulsing the rhythmic beat of my building arousal. Soon the very pleasant pulsing sensation turned into a gripping urgency around my anus. I breathed deeply and cast aside any thoughts of pursuing the pleasure that was building in my anus and relaxed to experience the deeper pleasure that I knew was imminent.
    I lay there quietly breathing, letting orgasmic pleasure well up inside me while I relaxed. Breathing deeply I welcomed the sweet sensation of pending ecstasy as it gently flowed into my throbbing anus. I slid my hands around J’s waist and spread my large hand over the warm skin of her stomach. Languidly I held her close to me pressing my cockhead against her anus and waited patiently for the spasms to start in my own anus. Then ever so slowly I slid my hand down between her legs and cupped her vulva in my palm. My hands are large enough so that I was able to caress the entirety of her downy vulva in the span of my hand. I held her sex gently savoring the intimacy of the moment. She sighed in her sleep and breathed deeply.
    As I lay there I felt the warm moisture of her pussy mouth dampen my palm, that triggered the subtle beginning of orgasm to enter my asshole. Ever so slowly and gently it crept into my opening leaving a tingling trail of bliss behind it. I felt the sweet tingling enter me and take root, spreading its tentacles into the soft yielding flesh of my man cunt. The idea of my anus as a man cunt has been playing heavily in my fantasies lately. As my anus has become more orgasmically responsive, and a source of extreme erotic pleasure the term “man cunt” seems not only fitting, but I have discovered that I find it to be very arousing when I verbalize it in the throes of grasping anal orgasm.
    I opened my anus to let the orgasm enter me as I gently pressed my frenulum against the warm opening of J’s anus. The heat of the room and the heat of her body combined with the soft yield sucking heat of her rectum to trigger convulsive anal involuntary spasms of my anus. They felt exquisite. They were the most delightful contractions I had felt in a long time. I lay there with my cock riveted to J’s warm hole as wave after wave of pleasure began to surge into my own anus, sucked in by the pulsing spasms that gulped at it.
    I rolled onto my back and slid away from J, giving me enough room to stretch open my anus, release my cock and relax.
    Lying on my back I bent my knees and put the soles of my feet on the bed. I then parted my legs spreading them open in a frog like position. The position stretched the muscles inside my thighs and inhibited my ability to clench my anus as the pleasure spasm expanded. I focused on relaxing my opening and surrendering it to the involuntary contractions that were starting to exert their control over it. My rectal opening was puckering and releasing like a goldfish gulping air. As my anus opened and closed rhythmically and mechanically the reverberations of pleasure that each contraction inspired rushed into my anus one after the other building in power and strength as they flowed into me in a torrent. The reverberations were echoing inside of me and causing my cock to spasm and my perineum to tighten and loosen in sympathy with the anguished pleasure I was feeling.
    My cock was now hardened to iron in response to the erotic symphony playing inside of me. I resisted the urge to clench down on the pleasure; I relaxed my anus and gave in to the involuntary anal contractions that were now well established and sucking at the air. The more relaxed my opening was the more complete and powerful the pleasure that each contraction brought was. I felt the mechanical opening and closing of my anus and the corresponding pumping convulsions of the muscles deep inside me. The chorus of pleasure was now resounding in my abdomen.
    My cock was lurching in a lewd dance with each pulsing pumping contraction; it was stone hard and somewhat numb except for my cock root which was aching in tortured ecstasy. I breathed deeply sucking air into the very center of me, fanning the flames of the orgasmic inferno that I had ignited. I would continue my breathing pattern each breath urging my quivering asshole to suck the euphoria that was gathering around me.
    I then took the middle finger of my right hand and nestled it into the cleft under my cockhead, on my frenulum. The upturned cleft was facing up as my steel hard penis lay on my precum slimmed belly.
    My cock head was now hot and hard. The cleft was firm, its arousal hardened ridges defining its helmet shaped tip. The mushroom helmet was drooling a stream of my warm slippery precum. The slimy wet pressure of my middle finger in the firm valley of my cocks crease sent a jolt up my cock shaft which caused my balls to contract and draw up against me.
    Then I took the same finger on my left hand and I wetted it with the precum that was drooling from my cock slit. I applied my precum wetted middle finger to my now aching left nipple and toggled the nipple spreading my sex nectar on it.
    The tips of my middle fingers are very sensitive. Gently holding them on these two most erogenous spots on my body, I focused my awareness on what my fingertips felt. The rubbery hardness of my nipple and the cracking energy that was dancing on my areola under the gentle pressure of my finger tip was very exciting. My mind then focused on the firm ridges of my cockhead and the soft frenular area in the cleft. I pressed tenderly on that soft skin. The jolting response was instantaneous.
    In an explosive flash the involuntary contractions gripped my cockhead and ran up the core of my shaft like an earthquake. With a vengeance the pleasure then grasped my anus, my prostate, my perineum, and my cock head and began to ruthlessly squeeze them spreading shivers of ecstasy throughout my body; my cock was lurching and weeping precum helplessly. Because of the sensation of my fingertip in the ultra erogenous soft center of my hard cockhead and the electrifying tingling that my finger was triggering on my nipple the orgasmic earthquake shook me and forced itself on me.
    The chorus of orgasmic rapture was pumping and pulsing deep inside my anal canal and my perineum; my prostate shuddered and shook like an enraged animal in a cage. The contractions were hard, staccato and relentlessly continuous. Over and over and over again in rapid fire they rammed into my asshole and exploded like pleasurable depth charges once they were deep inside of my anal canal. Each explosion hurled me further and further into the oblivion of orgasmic rapture as my sex organs pumped and pulsed helplessly to the relentless demands of the orgasm.
    The sensation of my fingers on the pulsing orgasmic triggers of my cock and nipples were able to taunt the angry beast of the orgasm deep inside me; it roared and shook its great head like an enraged lion. The intense passion of exquisite pleasure roared and hurled itself around inside of me; ravaging orgasm had clamped down on my body and was shaking it like a lioness killing her prey. It shook me and refused to relinquish my body. The orgasmic waves pounded into me one after the other, like huge cresting waves of a storm pounding on the beach. Over and over again the sheer euphoria held me immobile as the unrelenting ecstasy drilled into my open asshole filling me with agonizing – mind numbing bliss. As the ecstasy filled me, my cock twitched and shuddered involuntarily while a stream of crystal clear warm precum oozed from my pulsing pink slit.
    My frenulum responded to the sweet pressure of my finger tip. It was like I had put a finger down my throat making me regurgitate, only in this case the pressure was causing my balls and anus to simultaneously regurgitate pleasure. That pleasure was forcing my prostate to thump pulse and squeeze like a great iron pump. I lay there struggling to breathe as the pounding orgasmic explosions detonated and shook me over and over. Just as I felt the bliss under my cockhead subside and make the orgasm slow I suddenly became aware of the pressure of my other finger on my nipple. The sensation on my hardened nipple rippled directly to my prostrate and forced the deliriously sweet spasms to continue.
    My anus was fluttering open and closed rapid fire; I responded by trying to center myself and take control of the pleasure. Out of the haze I became aware of the sensation of both of my fingers on my orgasmic triggers. The sensation of the two fingers simultaneously plying ecstasy from my body was like slamming on the brakes. Suddenly the orgasmic waves shifted their pleasure. The rapid fire gripping hard orgasmic pumping turned into slow gentle waves of euphoric bliss.
    I felt the tantalizing sweet tension of a wad of pleasure building deep in my rectum, gathering power in the deepest most secret recesses of my body. The tingling deep in my anus made my insides quiver as the pleasure reached a level of agonizing desperation that made my cock start to pump. Then I felt the release of the wad of pleasure as it worked down my anal canal reaching my man cunt with a climax that made the opening shudder in rapture. Then like a pending sneeze I felt the next one build up. It slowly gathered strength squeezing my prostate in the process. Then again I felt it release and flow from me.
    I was mesmerized, intoxicated and immobilized. These incredibly deep and profoundly luxuriously erotic spasms clouded my mind. I lay there awaiting the arrival of each of these waves in desperation hanging on the edge my ability to cope for it to arrive and grant me the deep satisfaction and relief I craved. But cruelly there was no relief. As each orgasm rolled out of me my desperation for the next one intensified. Ten or more of these mind numbing orgasms rolled out of me, when the last one detonated I couldn’t breathe the pleasure was so intense. I could feel it slowly moving inside of me until it reached my anus where it exited with shuddering contractions of sheer white hot pleasure.
    Then it was over. I lay quietly as my anus fluttered like a kite falling in the dying wind. My cock was vibrating and a stream of precum was still running down my side and dripping onto the sheet next to me. I was aroused beyond imagination.
    Saturday was a normal day of chores, errands, laundry and dog walking. While the hours flew by my arousal did not relinquish its hold on me. Dinner that evening was easy, it was hamburgers. J cleaned up as we watched the news over coffee. At 8 PM she went upstairs to her studio and I came in here and got on my computer. I spent the evening chatting with on line friends. As is usually the case time drifted by and soon it was 12 midnight. I was exhausted. I went upstairs and took a shower and got in bed to read. In a very short time I was dozing and waking alternately in a feeble attempt to read. I half remember J getting into bed at 1AM or thereabouts.
    It was the first warm night we had experienced in this ruthless winter we just are coming out of. J was wearing panties and one of my “wife beater” undershirts and I was nude as always. I love the way the shirt clings to her teardrop breasts. She turns me on wwwhen she comes to bed like that. But in my semi comatose state I wasn’t able to do much about it. Sleep came and claimed me.
    I woke in the normal pattern at 4 AM but I knew better than to try anything. I went back to sleep. I slept and woke up several times until 8:30 AM when I awoke to J running her fingers lazily through my chest hair. In the 40 years we have been together we both have learned to read each other’s subtle actions and read each other’s minds to imagine what it is we desire. It is subtle things I can’t really but a handle on it but we both know from years of doing each other. The dawdling on my chest was not a “fuck me” kind of dawdling. It was a kind of I want to play with you kind of dawdling. My cock was rigid to the max, arched in its erection, stretching luxuriously like a cat. My balls were loosely hanging in the heat.
    Her dawdling moved to my nipples as she toggled one and flicked it and then the other. The erotic electricity crackled in me as she teased and taunted my nipples with semi sadistic amusement. Then I looked own to see her face replace her fingers. I felt her warm lips encircle my nipple and assertively draw it into her mouth; my brain screamed silently as I succumbed to endure the erotic assault of her tongue on my pleasure hardened tit.
    Tugging on my erected nub she stroked the underside with her tongue. The heat, the tension and the friction all came together in a chorus of absolute pleasure that made my back arch and my legs stiffen. The desperation and raw erotic sensation of my nipples being sucked caused my cock to drool a stream of precum onto my belly.
    Without releasing my aching teat from her mouth her hand found my balls. Tenderly she cradled them and caressed them massaging them gently with special attention to the underside where they attach to me perineum. She know how much I love that. The base of my balls were they attach to be is of my most erogenous spots. As she stroked it and gently tugged on my balls as she sucked my nipple I was sure I might faint from the intense pre orgasmic tension that was winding up deep inside my asshole.
    My cock was beyond hard. My cockhead was aching with desire from my mmo the morning before; it was leaking in the anguish of extreme arousal. Then in an act of mercy and playfulness she released my balls and her fingers danced up to my cockhead. Dipping her fingers repeatedly in the gushing stream of precum on my belly she finger painted a picture of sweet release on my cock. She was careful not to touch my cock head, instead she lavished attention on my shaft, alternating squeezing it and teasing it to drool yet more precum.
    My body was rigid in anticipation and my hand was cradling the back of her head as I suckled her. The sensations of erotic pleasure in my nipple took form in my mind as beautiful colorful sensations, they morphed and shifted like an image in a kaleidoscope. The sensations changed in shape and character from one blissful sensation to the next. The exquisite feeling of one wave of pleasure faded into the next one. Each one made my nipple sing. Some of the sensations were like delicate tingling needles that caught my breath as they danced around my areola while other drilled into the hardened pink flesh leaving a trail of anguished erotic energy behind it as it sought neutral ground like a lightning bolt that had just cleaved a tree.
    Her finger tips found the cleft under my cockhead and began to make small circles on it. The firm ridges on the underside of my cockhead were coated with the slippery honey she coaxed from my cock slit.
    She increase the pressure of her fingers as she massaged the hyper erotic skin under my cockhead. I remember groaning and urging her on. My balls drew up into me in preparation to cum. The urgency that grip my cock and balls was also forcing itself into my asshole.
    And just as I prepared to step onto the platform of inevitable climax she stopped. I was suspended in mid air waiting for orgasm to claim me, only to be abandoned as she simultaneously released my wet hard nipple from the warm suction of her greedy lips.
    The desperation of my desire was total. In that moment I would have given anything for release.
    But I didn’t have to wait long. In the cacophony of unrealized orgasmic relief in my head my cock was suddenly overcome by the warm reassuring wetness of her mouth encircling my cockhead and lavishing it with affection with broad loving strokes of her tongue. Sucking me, massaging and teasing my cock slit with the tip of her tongue she returned me to the pinnacle of orgasmic agony. Only this time the pleasure of her mouth sucking my aching cockhead and massaging my balls as she did was short circuiting my brain.
    The familiar urgent itching – tingling – squeezing deep inside of me signaled from my cock to my brain that orgasm was again imminent. My mind was clouded in hazy erotic bliss. All I could feel, think or focus on the glowing white hot cum that was boiling and steaming inside of me as if it was in a searing hot cauldron. The pleasure had control of me and was taking me wherever it wanted. As I helplessly laid there she sucked me until my brain shrieked in erotic agony.
    Then blessed orgasmic release came. It came with thunderous contractions of every muscle in my anal canal, my anal opening, my perineum and at the base of my cock. As my body went rigid I arched my back and pumped a forceful stream of hot cum into her mouth; before it could diminish I pissed another stream. There was no lull between the pulses as they squeezed the pleasure and the cum from me as I emptied my thick hot load in her mouth.
    Over the years we both have developed the relationship and the ability to forego orgasm and take turns to give each other pleasure, I had been awash for two days in profoundly pleasurable sexual sensation and she had not had an orgasm yet. After getting out of bed sometime later, we both fell into the routine of Sunday morning. The feeling of emptiness was punctuated by a pleasant post ejaculation ache just behind my balls. In my mind I knew that Sunday night would be her turn.
    Sunday was a lazy day of dog walking, reading and for me some writing on the computer. We had a pleasant day of not doing much of anything all day. It was one of those days when time stands pleasantly still as we sat just spending time. The hours passed and eventually we found ourselves in bed again. We went in early to read and enjoy the last bit of the weekend. Both of us are into cuddling in the quiet unrushed privacy of evening in bed.
    Lying in bed she draped her leg over my thigh and she asked me to massage her foot. I knew it must have really been sore because she usually is reticent to ask me to do massages. So I slid down the bed to sit against the foot board and massage her foot. That night she wore a nightgown that was relative short. So as I hoisted her foot onto my lap her thighs and her nightgown parted giving me a view of her pussy.
    Now, one might think that after all these years that seeing her peach would be no big deal for me But the view between her legs in the periphery of my vision was enough to make my cock begin to straighten out and elongate. So as she read a book, I glanced politely and massaged her foot. As I rubbed my erotic resolve and my cock stiffened at the same time.
    Most people will tell you that extreme arousal and moments before orgasm are indeed agonizing. There are many words that various cultures use to describe the pleasant anguish of orgasm. So as I massaged the pain in her sole the pain responded with a pleasant aching throb as I rubbed it. It was the same ache as a sore muscle, it hurt so good. As I rubbed she relaxed and soon the book was in her lap and her eyes were closed. As I massaged and stroked her sole the ache in her foot turned into an ache in her pussy.
    She slid down in the bed as my hands kneaded and pressed on the pulsing ache that beginning to consume her crotch. As she slid down I pushed her nightgown up until it was around her chin.
    My hands slid up her leg along her hips kneading and squeezing gently as I moved. I crept along side of her kissing her belly and her shoulder arriving at her nipple. I kissed it and sucked it to hardness and kissed it again as I made my way back towards her vulva. She sensed where I was going and parted her legs slightly. I wanted to coax a climax from her vagina with my tongue and she wanted me to as well. When I reached her vulva, I parted her lips I gave her glistening pink cleft a light kiss.
    As I massaged between her parted legs, I had a view of the delicate pink opening of her sex. She has a light covering of fuzz on her Mons but the skin around her silken lips is bare and clean. Seeing her pink feminine lips protruding from the dark brown fuzz, took my breath away. They are like a work of art to me, and they are incredibly feminine and sexy. Seeing that beautiful pussy, with its mouth slightly gapping open and moist, got me harder than stone and made my heart race.
    After ten or fifteen minutes of gently kneading her weeping opening I could see that she was clearly motivated to cum. Without being urged to, she parted her legs wider, with out words she opened her eyes and looked into mine, silently saying: “make me cum”.
    Reading her signals I didn’t waste any time. I lowered my face to those swollen moist pussy lips and I kissed them gently. I kissed them with great delicacy as if they were like the most ethereal petals of a flower. A heady exotic flower whose petals are dewy with sweet nectar; they were now open and flushed vibrant hot pink with her growing desire. I teased and touched the petals of her flower like I am a hummingbird fluttering in the scent of a delicate blossom; I am drawn to delicately extract the sweet liquid pleasure from deep inside of her.
    I lay on my side and laid my head on her inner thigh and began to probe and suck her opening and tongue her pussy lips. The more I kissed them the more the juice ran from her. Soon my lips and mouth were covered with her love honey. I continued to passionately kiss her warm wet lips, deliberately avoiding her clit. I penetrated the mouth of her vagina repeatedly with my elongated pointed tongue, piercing her opening.
    As I got lost in the complex taste and smell of her yawning pussy mouth, time and space disappeared. I explored and suckled the silken folds of her womanhood. My relentless exploration was causing the aching pleasure to throb in her quivering canal. The exquisite sensation of orgasm was starting to creep into her vagina. She squirmed and gasped as it relentlessly inched into her.
    Her hands were on the back of my head directing me towards her clit. I knew that the longer I made her wait for a climax, the more deep, hard and intense the orgasm would be … so I continued to tease her by kissing and fondling her vagina with my tongue. I resisted being pushed towards her clit.
    I grasped her soft ass cheeks with both of my hands and held my mouth firmly against her wet soft opening. I was riding her rising and falling pelvis to deny her the friction she needed to get the sweet relief. The liquid of her lust was running out of her reddened mouth, I licked it and savored it.
    The divine sensation was no longer just creeping into her opening, the rush of the desire was a torrent that was flooding her aching pussy; it was heavy with her lust. The rush of passion into her hole was making it quiver, she could hardly breathe as the pleasure that was filling her pussy was taking control of her mind and body. The orgasm had taken root in the wet soft skin inside her sodden pussy and they were spreading as it prepared to suck her soul from her cunt.
    I could hear her breathing getting very coarse and jerky. She began to mumble dirty things under her breath. I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. The orgasmic tension had filled her aching pussy and had hardened inside her. Her soft sweet feminine crease had been transformed into a steel hard sex machine whose sole function was thunderous climax, and it was twitching in anticipation of that desperately needed climax. I knew it was time to push her over the edge. I shifted my lips up to her clit, which was now fully erect and exposed from under its hood. I knew that as horny as she was she would relish the suction of my sweet lip on her electrified bud.
    I latched onto her hardened girl pearl, like a milking machine sucks on a cow’s udder. I sucked her entire clit into my mouth and wrapped my tongue around it and began to rhythmically suck and release it. It was if she was passively fucking my mouth with her clit. She gasped and shuddered as I tugged on it. In less than a minute of my sucking on the hardened nub I released it with a pop, she gasped and squirmed.. I then ran my tongue along the sides of her vaginal opening. Working my tongue up to the underside of her glistening pearl I stroked it firmly. This made her stop her pelvic thrusting and lay there stock still as the rising tide of orgasmic rapture filled her head and her cunt.
    I took my head off of her thigh and kneeled on the bed between her knees. I raised her legs, exposing your asshole and vagina; I then opened her gaping lady lips wider than they already were and began to softly tell her exactly what I was going to do to her. I told her how it was going to drive her to a gut twisting orgasm.
    I prepared to watch her squirm in divine agony as the greedy hands of passion would reach deep into her pussy and rip the orgasm from her body and cause a stream of cum to wet the sheets beneath her. I then opened her pussy lips and inserted two fingers inside her hole. Her g spot was bulging and begging to be stroked. I began to massage it firmly, which caused her gasp and exhale, shudder and thrust her pelvis to meet my fingers. I then slid my other hand to the top of her vulva and pulled the hood away from her clit. I lowered my face to the sexy wet heat of her cunt and lowered my hot mouth to her clit again. I drew it into my mouth as she inhaled sharply and grasped the sheets. I began to suck it with renewed fervor. I speeded up the rubbing of her g spot as I suckled her erect glans, cradling it in the soft wet caress of my tongue. She began to jerkily hump my face and breathe in stolen gasps.
    After two or three minutes of this she couldn’t bear any more. She ground my face against the mouth of her vagina. In seconds she felt the pulsing start. First it was a faint but then it locked onto her sodden canal and began to rhythmically squeeze and release the big sexy penis that she fantasized was buried in her. Her pussy spasmed and pulsed and her asshole contracted in syncopated time to the squeezing in your pussy. The orgasm was exploding inside of her as she grunted in a very unladylike fashion and thrust her pelvis forward against my face in vulgar desperation.
    Her guttural grunt turned into a groan and she thrust her pelvis forward again and held my face against her pussy as she gasped and shuddered and let the orgasm pound into her. The warm sweet girl cum was flowing out of the cleft in her peach.
    In response to pressure of my fingers on the glowing coal of desire in her pussy, she arched her back, stiffened, closed her eyes, inhaled and mumbled . . . . “You are going to make me fucking cum again …. Fuck fuck”. She barely got that out and gasped a last gulp of air as the second orgasm grasped the tender flesh of her femininity and squeezed hard; I thought she might faint. She gasped and uttered a string of mumbled curses as she fucked my fingers, humping them wildly. I withdrew the hood of her quivering clit again and latched back on to it. The contact of my demanding mouth on the sensitive bud stiffened her into a sexy shuddering board.
    The waves of orgasmic rapture were washing back and forth inside her. The pleasure was so profound she could barely cope with it, but it didn’t matter as she couldn’t move anyway. I sucked and pulled on her clit, rubbing my tongue against the underside of it as the mouth of her vagina fluttered and pulsed with each ecstatic contraction. She acknowledged each spasm with a repeated exclamation of: “oh my god, oh my god, oh my god” and then at the crescendo squealed and shuddered as the final hard pulse of the second orgasm wrenched the last ounce of juice it could find and sucked it from her in tortured agony.
    We covered up in exhaustion and fell asleep. Despite my fatigue though my cock was erect and my asshole was throbbing. I lay beside her and together we drifted off to sleep.


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