• A Session Worth Writing About

    Last night I was chatting with a female friend on line , it was one of those intimate conversations that went to the core of my erotic passion. It was not about explicit details of sexual anatomy but rather it was about sensual intimacy in sex. The more we talked the more my arousal bloomed and blossomed, like a flower in the morning sun. Only instead of petals opening my cock was hardening in response to the tender sensual mercy that she was whispering silently in the words on my computer screen. When we signed off I commented to her that I had already planned an MMO session but after the last hour of erotically incendiary conversation my cock was rigid and my mind was steaming and a hard MMO session was clearly in the cards.
    I went upstairs and took my shower with my thoughts awash in the luridly tender intimacies that I had shared with her moments earlier. Resonating eroticism has an intoxicating effect on me. It is like a sensual veil that covers my body; unlike a drunken stupor that dulls my senses, this veil of erotic intoxication sharpens them and blots out all other conscious thoughts but ones of erotic pleasures. I spent a little longer soaping and rinsing my erection and anus than I usually do. The sensation of my hand tugging gently on my hyper-sensitized cock head sent chills up my spine. My warm soapy finger probing my anus and priming it for penetration later on caused it to contract and grip my finger with a desperate attempt to savor the sensation of intrusion. I resisted the urge to massage my cock and coax it to hurl a rope of steaming cum into the swirling water at my feet. I love to watch my cock spew cum as my cock head swells and pulses. I exited anticipating greater pleasure later on.
    After I finished in the shower I took my peridise, a condom and my lube from my travel toiletry kit and put them in my bathrobe pocket. I got into bed naked and ready for pleasure. However, it had been a long busy day and it didn’t take sleep long to find me. I was overcome in the sweet dull haze of slumber in minutes.
    My sleep was permeated by a series of hazy erotic dreams, they carried my arousal from reality into the serenity of my subconscious. Vignettes of torrid love scenes, embarrassing nudity and inappropriate liaisons played in my mind in a series of short stories that were linked only by my passion for pleasure.
    When I woke it was 4:23AM. The room was dark, punctuated by the light from the street light outside glimmering through the blinds in the windows. I got up put on my robe with my gear in the pocket and went in the bathroom. Shutting the door quietly behind me I took off the robe, standing naked in the mirror. I snuck a quick glance at my body. Not bad for 63 I thought to myself, eying my flat stomach and prodigious erection.
    I unrolled the condom and opened the Astroglide liquid. Holding the unrolled condom in my left hand I held it up to eye level and tilted the lube into it as if I was filling a test tube. I watched as the lube filled the reservoir tip; just enough to be slippery I thought as I closed the lube cap. I reached into the pocket of the robe and took out the peridise. I lowered it into the condom immersing the bulbous tip of the peridise in the reservoir of clear lube. Dipping it and withdrawing it I held the rubber and spread the lube on the inside of the condom. I reopened the lube and rubbed the outside of the rubber on the inside of thwe cap to capture a slight amount of lube on the condom.
    Putting one foot on the toilet seat, I parted my ass cheeks with my left hand and with my right inserted the condom cloaked peridise in my anus. The cold insertion always feels wonderful. This time was no exception. The small Aneros slid in effortlessly. My anus seemed to suck it in like a spaghetti noodle.
    I grabbed my robe, put my foot down on the floor and walked back to bed with the peridise firmly seated in my anus. Getting into bed I spooned my wife who was sound asleep. I nestled my still erect cock into her ass crack and covered us both up as I waited for the magic to happen yet once more.
    The sensation was the familiar one that most Aneros users know. Initial insertion imparts a feeling of tingling urgency. It is like I have taken an enema with very – very fizzy seltzer. That tingling slowly grew into the sensation that is similar to the gag reflex in my throat but in my anus that reflex elicits a delightful sensation in its wake. Soon I felt the gagging reflex in my anus become a gentle spasm of pleasure. My anus began to contract and release like it was sucking repeatedly on a sweet lollipop. Each popping convulsive spasm sent an echo of bliss rippling deep into my anal canal. I was mesmerized by the sensation.
    It is always so easy to be hypnotized by the pleasure at that point and hold my breath, but I resisted. I began to breathe into the spasms like I was blowing under a feather to keep it aloft. As I blew I waited for a few seconds to feel the resulting pleasure spasms between breaths. They were growing in intensity and resonance. Each convulsion of my anus tugged on the peridise pulling it into my anus and setting off a wave of erotic bliss that flowed into my asshole.
    I brought my middle finger to my left nipple and toggled it, sending a telegraphic signal to my prostate. The message was heard loud and clear by my gland; it contracted in a wrenching convulsive spasm that sent a shrieking spike of penetrative pleasure surging deep into my anal canal. I could feel my precum spreading in my wife’s ass crease as my cock lurched with the spasm. I was making her ass crack a sloppy mess. I backed away from her and laid on my stomach, pressing my slimy cockhead into the soft clingy caress of the mattress. Without missing a beat the pleasure convulsions fell into a gentle rhythm, each spasm chiming a resonant rich chime of orgasmic bliss in my anus.
    I invoked mental images of myself engaged in lurid acts with special females I know on line. The elegant desperation of rhythmic orgasms firing in my anal canal amplified the pleasure that was radiating in my anus, it now filled my pelvis. Each spasm of my anus sent a contractive reflex down my perineum causing it to tense and in turn cause my cock root to tighten in a contraction of delicious anguish.
    Breathing in sync with the spasm I pushed the amplitude of pleasure in my asshole to the max. I felt as if I was being fucked. The excruciating pleasure was making my heart race and it was making my asshole clamp open and shut like an aquarium fishes mouth as it gulped at the narrow shaft that protruded from my opening. The agonizing ecstasy consumed every inch of my anal canal. Struggling to maintain a syncopated breathing pattern to stay in time with the convulsions in my anal tract, I felt the orgasmic contractions speeding up and becoming profoundly more powerful. As each contraction closed and opened my anus in staccato beat, I could hear the lube bubbling from the condom opening.
    The pleasurable sensations were in a continuous wave that was punctuated by spikes of delirious- desperate pleasure with each spasm. The anal spasms were followed by a cascade of spasms in my perineum, cock root and cock head, as if they were a wild solo on a drum set. I looked at the clock next to the bed. It was 5:15, almost an hour since I started the session and I had no idea where the time went.
    I rolled onto my side and pulled my knees up into a fetal type position. My cockhead was dangling in semi erection, free from touch. I felt the sensation drift away from my cock and center in my anus. All of the orgasmic energy was now flowing into my opened anal mouth and it was gulping at all the pleasure it could. My entire anal tract was now electrified in machine gun like convulsions of exquisite ecstasy that were totally out of my control.
    In the erotic hysteria of unfathomable orgasmic ecstasy I lost any sense of embarrassment or shame. My asshole was exploding in chains of agonizing hard orgasms. I was struggling to breathe. Images of a guy I have been talking to on line filled my head. I envisioned me undressing him as he stood before me until he was unashamedly naked before me. Kneeling before him I caressed his ass cheeks with my hands and lavished kisses on his cock and balls, making his cock hardened to the same rigid arousal as mine.
    I envisioned laying him down on a bed and lying on top of him with my own anguished cock pressed against his. The orgasms in my anal canal were getting stronger and stronger as I immersed myself in the lewd act I envisioned. I imagined I felt the heat of his cock on my cock and his anguish as we both were pounded by merciless orgasmic pleasure. In desperation we clutched each others asses and pressed our cocks together hard as I brought my lips to his and kissed him.
    As that image filled my brain, the chains of orgasms in my anus became a silent shriek and my anus locked up, frozen in excruciating – roaring tension. I could feel my aanal canal frozen in the sweet agony of clenched orgasm. My ass trembled and a jolt of 10,000 volts of raw orgasmic energy surged into my asshole. My mind was overwhelmed by the flood of pleasure that now was fucking me with the most beautiful long hard cock imaginable.
    Precum was oozing onto my leg from my now flaccid cock. My cock was irrelevant. My anal tract was a vessel that was filled to capacity with as much pleasure as any human man could stand. The orgasm was no longer in my control. I surrendered to it and let it have its way with me. I could not stop it.
    As I lay there over the next hour, the orgasm held me dangling from the pinnacle of pleasurable sexual sensation and taunted me laughing as I hung there helpless as my anus was assaulted by relentless orgasmic sensation. After several minutes of divine torture I felt the orgasm ease back in a series of gentle pulsing spasms, but before it could totally quiet itself it began to build again until the silent shrieks of unmitigated orgasmic rapture deafened me again. Over and over and over I was ravaged by the hard shrill unrelenting surge of the orgasm. With each returning surge of orgasm the pleasure seemed to grow and grow until I thought I might just lose my mind. The dividing line between pleasure and pain in finite and I found it early this morning.
    When it was over I looked at the clock again. I t was 6:30 AM. I had been in the vortex of orgasmic delirium for two solid hours. My anus was throbbing and the waves of pleasure were unrelenting. I struggled to my feet and gingerly walked to the bathroom as the greedy spasms of orgasm refused to relinquish their grip on me. The condom was totally unrolled and hung from my asshole like a tail.
    I pulled the peridise out. My anus clung to it greedily, but ultimately it spit it out with a pop like a champagne bottle being opened. It is 5 hours later now and my anus is still buzzing. The hunger for ejaculation that I feel now is profound. We will see what tonight brings.

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