• A “rude” awakening

    I awoke this morning a little earlier than is usual for me, mainly because a very firm member was preventing me from getting comfortable again. Before I knew it I was pushing the firm member into the bed and beginning to get a rhythm going. I stopped myself, I am not quite ready to surrender just yet, and certainly not in the drowsy state of an early morning. It occurred to me that this aroused state would lend itself very nicely to a quickie with whichever model I cared to use. I decided on my Helix Syn, I don’t know why. I have now 5 models from which to choose. I can’t explain how I knew, it just seemed right. Right from the off it felt good, I am in the habit of just relaxing into a session, letting things develop and see what comes along. Usually I am passive too and don’t initiate anything at all but within 10 minutes I found it impossible not to move my whole body around into different positions with a few hip thrusts thrown in. It felt as if I was attempting to soothe an itch deep inside, which we know is exactly what I was doing in a way. At one point I was literally climbing the wall, in a effort to get to that itch I found myself lying on my back with my legs up the wall and my head hanging off the edge of the bed. I have never been driven to these measures before, but I could not resist, this was the most physical session I can remember having. Strangely, it did not result in an orgasm or anything but the sheer physicality of it left me with some good feelings and endorphins were flowing. Actually, endorphins were not the only things flowing, copious amounts of pre cum were generated at the time. It makes a very good lube for a bit of nipple stimulation by the way.


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      06/20/2018at4:29 am

      @Harper, just accept your Aneros “rude” awakenings as part of your Aneros experience. They will enrich your journey.

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      06/20/2018at4:36 am

      @Harper Congratulation! Just do what you feel—-remember, there are no rules with Aneros. I certainly know “that feeling”: it takes hold of you and just won’t let go until you satisfy it.

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