• A Really Good Time With the Maximus: Session for Tuesday December 11

    Hi guys,
    I decided after last Saturday afternoon's session to take a break of two days. Last Sunday there was church and a holiday luncheon which I attended afterward. I also had several conversations on Sunday which caused me to do much thinking. As some of you know, I also live in Washington, DC, USA, our national capital. Like many Americans, and as one recently "retired," my attention these days has been fixed worryingly upon the budget negotiations between our newly reelected President Obama and Congress. Washington, DC and environs is also a company town consisting of many federal workers. If an agreement is not reached by the end of this year, come January 1, 2013, we will fall off the "Fiscal Cliff." Some federal workers and quite a few contractors may lose their jobs. This may produce a recession in our local economy.
    Needless to say, all day Monday my mind was other places. Plus we have had several days of gloomy overcast, foggy weather. Thus I was not up for an Aneros session yesterday morning.
    Early this morning, I woke up at the usual time near 5 o'clock from a curious dream. I dreamed that I was being stung by a bumble bee or similar insect. In my dream, I pulled the insect's stinger out before I could be injured. However, I woke up with a delicious erection. I promptly went to the toilet to urinate. I admired my deflating, engorged boner. I told my good buddy, "Perhaps later. We have some serious Anerosing to do!" He and two bros readily agreed. While taking my leak, I stimulated my tits and hairy pecs. My body was thrilled as a result of my approaching session with my first team of Aneros good buddies.
    I then laid down on futon to listen to the news headlines on my tiny radio. Afterwards I quickly shaved and bathed, and set up for the session. I began at 5:35 a.m. with the Maximus which slipped in easily to the hilt. This morning, I let the Maximus have his way with me. I have to say that I had a most amazing time with the Maximus, perhaps the finest ever. I didn't Kegel him as aggressively as I do the Progasm. I just let my time with him unfold naturally and just let the pleasure build gradually over and over again. I focused upon how he Anerosed both my anal canal and prostate along with various nuances of light and heavy Kegels. Maximus and I spent a good hour together. Then I proceeded in sequence with Progasm Ice, then Helix Classic, and ended with Progasm Classic in the same manner. As always this morning, I Kegeled aggressively with both models of the Progasm and was rewarded richly. The Helix Classic came along to love me up in the session. He has become a good buddy of mine. But once again, I just have to say that I adore big bruiser Progasm Classic in how has come to love me BIG time in my Aneros journey. But then I am eternally thankful for his younger brother, Progasm Ice for introducing me to Progasm Classic.
    I began my session purposely early at 5:35 and ended it at 8:40 because I wanted to clean up myself and my Aneros team, put them to bed, and finally dress for the day. I had an important telephone call to make at 9 a.m. to a lady friend about a common friend of ours who is in the hospital. Alas, her phone was busy.
    In retrospect, it is good sometimes to take a break from the Aneros and just let your body and psyche re-energize themselves. Such a break, however short or long, gives a new freshness to Anerosing. Such was my session this morning. It is also good to have periodic reality checks along the journey as well. The web page, entitled Milestones from the Aneros Wiki is also helpful in gauging your progress with the Aneros. I "sense that the Aneros is satisfying a special prostate "itch."" That was my experience this morning as I felt the Maximus massaging intimately my prostate. This milestone is next to "very significant pleasure during sessions." In fact, I am experiencing other Aneros milestones in the same neighborhood as well. All I can say is just savor each Aneros session as unique, to be savored along this wild ride of pleasure with the Aneros! The Super-O and other Aneros blessings will take place at their proper time. Take care!

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