• A Poem I Wrote to Me Making Believe I was my Wife

    Golden light of early morning bathes my bed with warm light
    I lay under the covers with you next to me, your hardness is pressing on my thigh I caress it as it stiffens in the softness of my palm I gather the clear nectar of your desire on my fingertips and taste it
    I inhale your manly scent and your sexy warmth in equal measure
    You breathe quietly lost in a distant dream as I kiss your temple
    You ooze male desire for me, warm, sweet and wet
    I savor your passion, it opens the pink flower that blossoms for you between my thighs
    Your desire for me penetrates the thin tank top and licks my breasts tenderly hardening my nipples
    My thin tank top reveals my stiff nipples they Articulate my arousal in rigid desperation
    In response the honey of my arousal oozes from the wet lips between my thighs and drools from me
    Suspended by a delicate string of its own making
    The sodden cleft in my vulva and the soft wetness of the canal leading to my feminine soul are heavy and aching with arousal
    And hungering to be impaled by the iron prong of your manly desire and to feel you sink deeply into me and bathe my soul with your creamy passion My aching pussy will swill your sensual cocktail sucking it in orgasmic gulps
    The covers trap the steamy scent of your arousal it seeks and finds my pussy lips and
    It rushes into my unwitting cunt
    It slinks into the warm wet channel between my thighs that aches for penetration following
    The soft pink pathway to my own desire that opens to swallow it
    In my mind I see you laying between my legs, your lust elongated penis probing the depths of my passion seeking a home for its eruption
    The moist caress of my vagina suckles your cock root tantalizing it and coaxing it to release
    You feel the soft supple wetness of my pussy sucking your cockhead, imploring it
    The feeling of my impassioned cunt flesh caressing your cockhead makes the cum in your balls bubble and steam seeking escape Your eyes reveal the desperation that is inflaming you
    The warm wetness of the silken flesh that embraces your cock
    Expresses my love and lust and hypnotizes your penis, forging it to steel hardness and tantalizing it
    I long to slide my mouth under the covers and take the warm sticky crown of your manhood into my mouth and draw
    Your nectar onto my tongue and make the
    Gland deep in your anus swell, ache and harden in desperation for release
    I collect the sweet nectar of your cock’s desire and savor it on my tongue
    As I tease your cleft to erupt and make you burst into The ancient male song of agonizing ecstasy that will make you hurl ropes of passion into my sodden cunt
    I lay quietly thinking of your sexy body and imagine me under you as you bathe your cock in the creamy hot Embrace of my desire
    That desire has invaded me and has taken control of my brain It taunts me
    My warm pussy lips are opening as you lie sleeping next to me They are being awakened by the silken hardness of your love for me
    I lay quietly as you sleep willing you to take me and have you impale me with the bulbous head of your cock pushing it into me making me gasp with anguished pleasure as you lovingly plumb the depth of my pussy with your steaming dick
    My delicate passion for you is tickling and teasing the cleft under your cockhead and tickling your balls as my pussy mouth is wrapped around the base of your cock
    Your penis fills with lust and your asshole throbs and pulses it’s acquiescence in the vulgar passion that consumes you
    Your cock already stiffened to manly hardness is in readiness to be pulled to the erotic and rapturous mystery inside of me Your anus is throbbing and pulsing lending its credence to the desperation of your desire
    The aching desire in my pussy is thumping quietly while
    Your cock is pulsing it time to the subtle tug of my feminine need for you under the covers
    My desire reaches a fevered pitch singing a siren song to your lust stiffened penis
    It is pulsing and aching for me even as you sleep
    As you waken your cock is swaddled in the sweet ache of need
    To touch me, to wrap its crown in the silken petals of my flower
    To feel the comforting caress in the moist warm depth of me
    The throbbing of your penis becomes intense and warm I imagine you feeling the gland in your anus swelling with the heaviness of desire
    It has hardened in the lurid but tender ritual
    Preparing for its only purpose
    To express the ropes of milky desire that tie you to me in pleasurable convulsions The grip of need gathers around your pulsing gland
    In your anus and squeeze it, willing it to pump your cream into me
    It roars silently as an animal in a cage expresses its impassioned rage
    And need to escape
    Then with a great sigh you roll over and lay on top of me parting my legs
    My heart and pussy are thumping in anticipation of what is to come
    You part my legs and kiss my pussy lips tenderly as if you are apologizing for the blissful violation that you are about to inflict on them Lovingly I caress of your firm cheeks and Guide you into me with the other hand
    As I pull you onto me I feel your hardened cock dragging across my thigh I slip my finger into the tight warmth between your cheeks seeking your sensitive hot puckered hole I invade your man pussy with my finger
    The warm softness inside you is so different than the tough exterior that is you My intruding finger makes your cock lurch and fills your balls with the weight of desire
    The throbbing fullness I feel from your cock packed inside my cunt is mesmerizing me
    My vagina begins to pulse rhythmically as it matches its dance of lust with your pulse
    The pleasure inside you is amplified with each pulse of the hot coal of orgasm that is swelling deep inside your puckered hole
    Then I gasp as I feel the wickedly divine invasion of your cockhead advancing into me It parts my pussy lips and relentlessly seeks the heat of my passion deep inside my cunt I feel it slowly pursuing its prey as you sink deeper and deeper Into the sucking hot- wet pit of my desire
    As you impale me with your flesh spike waves of shuddering bliss wash over me The tension of pending orgasm is building inside of me in quiet desperation
    My cunt is rippling with blissful sensation that makes my pussy mouth tremble around the base of your cock shaft in anguished calm
    Chills run up my spine that make my nipples tingle and
    My clit lengthen and harden coming out from its hood to seek the pleasure of male heat
    Your penis lurches as it sinks deeper and drills into me
    The repeating flood of sensations make my legs tremble and my back arch as I push my cunt up to be penetrated
    The waves of bliss deeo in my cunt get bigger and bigger
    As they grow I am paralyzed
    The only thing I can do is lay there and succumb to them
    I realize I am holding my breath
    So I consciously take deep breaths and fill my chest with air
    I get dizzy
    The waves of pleasure respond to my filling chest as they redouble in intensity squeezing my cunt and your captured cock I am poised at the precipice of the abyss of ecstasy
    Your cock lurches inside of me as your cockhead swells in the seconds before it regurgitates a cocktail of your steaming passion deep into me In response to an ancient incantation your body stiffens as the rapture of glowing hot pleasure explodes just behind your balls We lay linked by your cock as we both prepare to bear the intolerably blissful agony of orgasmic rapture together
    Then with lightning speed a bolt of orgasmic pleasure drills into your anus and detonates Making you groan as a thickened load of your erotic tallow makes the arduous journey to your cockhead and into me Although it is only seconds it feels like eons as the indescribable ecstasy of release seizes you I feel you pissing the stream of your cum into me as my pussy mouth grips your pulsing cock shaft
    The sensation of your pulsing cock emptying into me as I embrace you and wrap my legs around your hips triggers my own orgasm and seizes my soul in a white hot spasm of ecstasy
    Rapid fire I fall into chains of orgasmic spasms
    They cascade in crashing waves of rapture
    Through my anus, perineum and vagina
    My juiced cunt shudders in anguished delight
    The convulsions of bliss do not stop
    I am on a roller coaster that is holding onto me tightly as I ride it
    Up one long hill and down the other side
    It is deep in my pussy and is holding me as I tumble in agonizing ecstasy
    As I quiver in my bliss the hand of ecstasy is deep in your anus stroking your gland
    Squeezing pleasure from it
    As I ride the orgasm it is holding me tightly it will not let go as you fuck me deeply
    Pulling me and pushing me as my sex organs shudder and rumble like the cars on that roller coaster
    In the tortuous ecstasy of pleasure realized
    There is no relief only blessed anguish
    Just shuddering wave of pleasure followed by shuddering wave of pleasure
    A hundred spasms are squeezing me and
    Your lurching cock is pumping cum in its divine bliss
    My consciousness clouds over as my entire body is enveloped
    In the warm rapturous comfort of orgasm
    And white hot erotic bliss you fill me with
    It is the purest erotic sensation I have ever felt
    I am drooling your cum into my ass crack as you fill me
    I lie still unable to move
    Gasping in the crook of your neck
    The orgasms have taken control of me
    I cannot stop
    The waves are pounding me against the shores
    Of your chest as you lie on top of me
    I am helpless and my mind fogs over
    The waves of rapture are pounding me into submission
    My body is not mine I am drunk in rapture
    The pleasure is so deep my entire body feels it
    I breathe deeply and focus on the music
    That a sensual orchestra is playing inside my body
    The music is so erotic that sweat collects on my brow
    Time has no meaning just glowing hot pleasure
    I am lost
    I cling to you in confused rapture as the tangy sweet echoes of orgasm
    Turn my thoughts into thick cotton soaking in fatigue and
    The fluttering ecstasy inside of me begins to melt in the warmth inside of me
    I am exhausted and filled with your sweet cum
    Sleep eventually overtakes me
    I am awoken by the sun streaming in the window
    I clutch you tenderly as you stir in my arms
    We will fuck again I know
    My desire is honed to a keen edge and the scent of sex has already stiffened your cock In devotion to me and the sweet sensation of my finger in your asshole
    But now I just hold you savoring your sweet body
    And harbor my desire in preparation of another sweet penetration and release
    That will soon come

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