• A old pal making me squirt

    Once you become mastered in something it becomes repetitive to continue on about the same thing over and over again. I take little breaks from the site so when I come back I have a good tale to tell. Well last afternoons session was just that. I ride ever so often now. I can MMO and have a HFWO. Me and my prostate have become one. At one point I thought I was abusing him with my constant rides. I can feel great sensations with or without a toy with is also great. Prostate play has opened me up to really get to know my body. At 28 I am in tuned with my sexual needs and can get myself in some even better ways now because of it. Now into y session yesterday.
    I had some free time with the parents gone. I mostly have been riding without a toy an just edging and having ruined orgasms. Which I have learned to love. But I was missing my old friends so I said hey why not let them get some summer fun in. I pulled out my Vice with the vibrator. I first turned on some binaural beats on Youtube. I dont need a kick start to get my juices flowing but I wanted to see if any new ones have been posted. I found one for men who wanted a anal pounding and long lasting anal orgasms. Ding ding ding we found a winner. I got on the floor so I could spread out, put my head phones in on high, lubed up my toy and got ready for a great pounding.
    The audio started with a beach theme. Waves were crashing and you could hear the birds chirping close by. I was going in a trance of being blissfully at peace on a nude beach. As the waves crashed I began to hear the up beat of the senses that triggered my prostate. It was stirring as it got started but when it got kicked up my body knew the ride had just began. My body felt like it was rising. I felt calm and full at the same time. Like all the air from the beach was going into my body and being stored in my prostate. An every time I deeply exhaled my body shuttered. I began to moan and whimper. I can feel the tears forming in my eyes. I get really emotion when I climax. Whether its with a lover or toy. As that first tear drops my first full body orgasm hit me hard yet gentle. I dont even have mini-o’s any more. I just go straight in to full body orgasms. As the waves on the beach continue to crash my body is steady jerking around in orgasmic pleasure from my vibrator pounding my wet lubed up hole.
    My penis is soft but I can feel the pre-cum dripping down my leg. My ass is churning and I’m hollering in pure xstacy. I hitting octaves I didnt know I could hit. Orgasm after orgasm I go. I didn’t think I was gonna be ale to hold on but this was a 40 minute audio. I had nothing to grab on. I was just letting the toy take over and it was doing a number on me. Half way through I could feel y dick sprout up but it would go down quickly. I rarely have hard on’s when I ride. Its pounding and Im having multiple orgasms back to back. No cool off time. I I was sweating like crazy. I had the window up and it was 85 degrees. I was exposed letting my true orgasmic being be free. I was letting my phoenix fly. I was lost in a blissful state of mind and did not want to leave. The beat got stronger and stronger and i then ended up with my legs in the air so the Vice could go deeper to reach my point of no return. I was gooning and just losing it over how deep in a trace I have gotten in.
    As my legs were up my cock flopped down between my legs. The n it just started to swell up. I knew another orgasm was forming. It was a big one. I calmed my breathing down to enjoy it fully. I felt it start from my prostate and travel through my whole body. In my chest, my feet and my head. My dick just got harder and harder. I wanted to grab it but I was to busy holding my legs back begging the Vice to fuck me harder. Then Boom! What I thought was cum was a stream of pre-cum ad piss. It went everywhere. I didnt care. In my head I wasnt in my room on the floor I was on the beach butt ass naked getting fucked by one of my favorite toys on a nude beach. It landed everywhere while I orgasmed. But it didnt just happened once. I ended my session all wet fro my sweat and own juices. It was great. I wish I had put a towel down before hand but it was still great and I needed a great session to fuel e to start back using again. I used the bathroom before my session but a stream still erupted fro within me when my body was that peak of no return. As as freaky guy it made the session that much greater. so yeah mean can squirt too. lol


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