• A New Year! : Aneros Session for January 2, 2013

    Hi guys,
    We had a gloomy New Year's Day yesterday with gray, dark skies and cold weather. I stayed much of the day here at the apartment in deep reflection as to what 2013 will bring us. Living in Georgetown in Washington, DC, USA as I do, I see close up our federal government in action. I am glad that the U.S. Congress and President Obama has gotten its act together on the budget at least partially and avoided the Fiscal Cliff, at least for a couple months. But much, much more needs to be done for our country, yet I still have faith in our democratic political process.
    After chatting with a few friends on the Net last evening, I went to bed shortly after 10 p.m. I rose this morning refreshed at 4:30 a.m., got a couple chocolate crescents and an extra-large cup of coffee from our neighborhood 7-Eleven. After my unusually early breakfast, I had a good BM, bathed and shaved, and set up for my Aneros session whic promptly at 6 a.m.
    Sequence of models used: Maximus — Progasm Ice — Helix Syn — Progasm Classic.
    Duration: 2.5 hours.
    I worked with Maximus this morning for a good 45 minutes. This morning I focused my attention on how he massaged my prostate. With this type of Aneros focus, I am reaping just tons of pleasure. This morning I really Got in the Zone of Pleasure with Maximus. It seems that as I do this more and more that someday soon right out of blue, I'll achieve my very first Super-O's. This I expect very soon in this New Year of 2013.
    Next I went and worked with Progasm Ice for only 30 minutes. Somehow my working with this sleek, big guy was lackluster. In my next session which should occur early Friday morning, I hope give Progasm Ice the undivided attention he richly deserves. But one thing I savor so much about Progasm Ice is his sleek girth which massages the muscles of my anus and anal sphincters so fully in big man fashion!
    I only spent a good twenty minutes with Helix Syn. But those twenty minutes were indeed productive. Once again I just loved the sleek, deft and direct massaging of Helix Syn's head upon my prostate thus producing paroxysms of pleasure! In recent sessions with Helix Syn, I revel in the crescendos of absolute pleasure my first buddy has given me. When this happens, I just let Helix Syn take me wherever he leads. I need to Get into the Pleasure Zone of those crescendos in future sessions with all my Aneros First Teammates from which I may experience all sorts of Aneros blessings such as P-waves, mini-O's, Super-O's, MMO's and other Aneros phenomena which are so affirming!
    Finally I spent a good 45 minutes with big, bruiser Progasm Classic which I adore and love! He is one big fucker with whom I always make my aim to spend quality time in all my sessions of late. He doesn't insert as easily of his younger brother, Progasm Ice. This morning there was a tinge of pain and discomfort as I inserted him up my mancunt. It is his way of letting me know that he's the fucker that he is, that he is in charge and demands my undivided attention. Well, the slight pain and discomfort went away as I Kegeled him and just let him do his job. Now this morning as I worked with Progasm Classic, I noticed that he was "burrowing" into my ass aggressively like a butt plug! All I could say that I love him when he does that because it is an indication he and I have become really good buddies in Anerosing. As always now, he is also a master teacher to me, though still as a newbie in Anersosing. He really gives my anal musculature and prostate a really good workout every time I use him.
    I could have spent 30 minutes with Helix Classic which I wanted, but I was beginning to become fatigued. So I ended my session at 8:30 a.m. in just 2.5 hours.
    In retrospect, there is nothing like the delicious feeling of the muscles of my butthole and my prostate thoroughly worked over after a good Aneros session, especially when I have Kegeled heavy duty fashion with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice. Both my prostate and mancunt are quivering with delight and pleasure. I suppose Anerosing is analogous to a good workout an athlete has. I know this of a fact in earlier years when I worked out at the university field house in my neighborhood. I worked out religiously almost every day lifting weights, running, and swimming. Both my body and mind were flooded endorphins after such session. Endorphins flood the body and mind after athletic workouts, sex, and Anerosing!
    It is interesting to note that an ambitious program of Kegel Exercises September a year ago brought me to the Aneros. At that time, I was emerging from a general funk brought on by losing my job in early January 2011. Another long hot summer with high humidity was ending. I began an ambitious regimen of walking several miles a day to get my body and mind back into shape. I began the Kegel Exercises to exercise my male sexual apparatus, primarily to give me firmer erections, etc.
    It was only after began work with both Progasm models that I discovered the close interrelationship between Anerosing and the Kegels. I began working with both Progasm Classic and Ice last September. Like Maximus, both these huge guys were rather difficult to insert. Initially much discomfort and pain were involved. But the first time I inserted Progasm Ice, feelings of pleasure flooded my body, a harbinger of good times to come. In a couple weeks, I began to insert him to the hilt and "lock" him into place with the P-tab squarely upon my perineum and the K-tab squarely upon the cervix )tail bone(. When that happens, it feels like a "cage" has been placed upon my scrotum as well. However, this "cage" is comfortable– It is a source of pure pleasure! Likewise soon after,I was able to use the same technique on his big bruiser brother, Progasm Classic. I believe that in October, I discovered that a Kegel causes the Progasm to insert himself BIG TIME into my butt and against my prostate. When that happens, it feels like a butt plug is burrowing up my ass! Likewise the girth of both Progasm models, I also discovered, is ideal for toning the anal musculature. In a sense, I am engaging in a type of weight training, actually strengthening the muscles of my anal canal and sphincters. The strengthening of these muscles is enabling me to develop control in my Aneros sessions.
    Again I refer you to the Aneros web site section on Instructions on How to Use the Aneros. See especially the section on Contractions. With the Maximus and both Progasm models, I generally use about seven 60 second Kegels/Anal clutches and let the pleasure build. Those long set in motion the Anerosing with those models. I like to spend a good 45 minutes with both Progasm Classic and Progasm Ice during which I can do all sorts of Kegeling. The result of all this is unmitigated pleasure! The upshot of working with Maximus and both Progasm Classic and Ice is that these good big buddies have given me a new appreciation of the smaller models on my Aneros Team!
    Hence my working with my two Progasm models to Kegel more effectively within my Aneros sessions and out of sessions Kegel so naturally as though it were second nature.
    Finally a few days ago on the Aneros Forum, there was an avid discussion on the issue of Mind versus Body when working with the Aneros. In my case, Mind leads me to my Aneros sessions and causes me to work effectively with this amazing prostate massager. But once I get into Anerosing, my Body takes over. But this is what it appears on the surface. Feelings enter the picture. When a man is horny, he thinks of having sex. While hormones may fuel horniness, a mere thought or a sight or a scent, or even a yearning for his beloved may awaken desires for sex with his partner. Also a man who enjoys autoeroticism that is found in masturbation may see his penis stirring, feel a tightness in his groin, or even just think about his genitals. His horniness for masturbation is stirred. Likewise guys who are into Anerosing have feelings of anticipation for their Aneros sessions because many guys sexualize their Aneros tools. They very early get to the point that they eagerly look forward, anticipate an Aneros session because they have come to enjoy what their Aneros tools do for them. All this is cumulative in the Aneros experience of many men. It just gets better and better. That has been my Aneros experience at least since early fall as I developed facility in working with my various Aneros models.

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