• A New Position!

    Lunch time today proved to be very interesting. After starting a session on my back, I felt like I needed the Eupho to be a little more “free” in its exploration. I rolled over on my stomach and pulled on on my knees just a bit, spreading my legs so that my cock was about 3” off of the bed. Holy shit was that a good move! It felt as if it was dancing about on my prostate, my anus tugging and pulling it in hard on its own. Wave after wave of orgasms began taking over. As i would flex and began to release, my prostate took over and devoured it again! I’ve been buzzing all afternoon!
    It really felt fantastic to have it move with a little more freedom and not be restricted by my cheeks. This one is certainly worth a try!

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      03/14/2018at2:39 pm

      @KevinT I have noticed too that sometimes just moving around on the bed in a slightly different position can have a drastic effect on my prostate sensations! Just listen to your body like you did and it will direct you to the “best” position!

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