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    The Super-O is such a difficult thing to describe. It always comes across like hyperbole or unreal. It’s like something from the best dream you can think of but when youre having one there is no denying it.

    I’ve been wondering intently if there is a limit to the pleasure or intensity and for the past two weeks I had a very good estimate of what appeared to be the limit. What I thought was shattered. I woke up with incredible butt buzz from last nights session. I started to aless and just like last night I was in a perpetual state of orgasmic pleasure with a super-O ever 10-15 mins.

    And the I started to play with my left nipple. There was no build up to this super-O it came so quickly and it was deep it felt like my prostate was being sucked like literally someone took my prostate and sucked it like a popsicle and it kept building. I was shaking all through my torso and my toes were curling repeatedly. I started to scream dont stop…and it didnt. It was so explosive. I kept rubbing my nipple and it was as if I was adding to my normal pleasure levels. And then it gradually died down. No crash…its as if it walked away. And left me in a pool of my own sweat.


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      12/17/2018at7:19 pm

      DB: Everything you post seems to be the ultimate in pleasure for a man. I enjoy your posts and your blog and can only imagine the joy you feel in your body after your rewiring.

      This morning I had some wonderful dry orgasms utilizing edging and nipple play. At first I was hard as a rock but later, semi at best. In fact, my best dry orgasms were at half mast or so in a semi condition.

      I realize that dry Os and MMOs are not about rock hard erections. For me, MMOs are about savoring and enjoying the pleasure and letting it build orgasmically. Erections according to the experts are not necessary for MMOs. My experiences this morning and at other times prove that to be true for me also. My best orgasms this morning were with a semi.

      So what you about You, Bro. In all of your rewiring experiences, are you at full mast with a great erection constantly, or do you have times when you are experiencing rewired orgasms when you are flaccid or semi? Just wondering at its seems you have one setting in all your experiences as you relate them: Super Hot and Pulsing at full mast. Thanks for your answer and again, thanks for your blog and sharing your great new journey as a man.

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      12/18/2018at12:20 pm

      Hey Turnrow. Thanks for reading. Yeah this change in my life is such a treat. I’m grateful I could get here.

      To answer your question if I am having just a mini-o or dry orgasm i can be in any state of erection. Either full mast or completely flaccid.

      However with my super-Os…100% of the time I am rock hard. Like diamond cutting rock hard.

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