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    A couple of days ago I think I had my most intense experience yet. I recently got an MGX Syn Trident. I started off the session with my Helix Trident. It felt nice, but it wasn’t really doing it for me. I had a feeling that there was more. I have learned more and more how to listen to my intuition during sessions. I had this strong thought that I needed the MGX Syn Trident. I inserted it, and the real experience began.

    At first I wasn’t too impressed. I did love the warm sensation that I only get from the silicone versions. There was a slow buildup. Then suddenly I got this feeling that’s difficult to describe. It’s like it hit the prostate just right, and suddenly my attention was pulled to my prostate. The focus was very intense. I had this sensation of being pulled inside myself. I lost awareness of the rest of my body.

    I could feel the MGX stroking my prostate. I could feel my prostate pulsating. It got faster. I could feel this intense warm tingling pleasure fill my body. The pleasure was so intense. For a moment I thought I might be losing my mind, but I didn’t care. It seemed like it would never stop. I’ve read on the forum some people talk about how they had to put a stop to it because it felt so good. I finally understand what they meant.

    And I had this thought in my mind. I had this intuition that I still have not seen everything. It’s like something inside me was telling me that there was more to come. I also intuitively knew that I wouldn’t experience it in that session. It’s like I was being teased. Over the years I feel like I’ve become much more aware of my body.

    After I took it out, my prostate still felt warm and tingly. I decided to try playing with my nipples and doing contractions like I do when the massager is in. To my surprise, I felt like I might have had a mini o. So that was an interesting first. I’ve read that at some point it’s possible to have super O’s even without the aneros. Maybe I’m on my way to achieving that.

    So all in all, it was an amazing and encouraging session.

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      12/28/2020at12:13 am

      That is great. Look at you.
      Really Congratulations

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