• A matter of size?

    When thinking about that awesome aless session on which I reported in my last post, I doubted the Eupho Syn was big enough to support comparable pleasures. So I ordered the Helix Syn, which has a bigger head and body why it should be able to trigger my prostate gland the harder way it seemed to be yearning for. On the second day I already unpacked my second Aneros tool. By the way, it’s a little like unwrapping gifts, so lovingly packed in elegant red gift boxes those tools arrive. Okay, as before, after cleaning my backdoor thoroughly I greased my hole with some aquabased lube and gave even more on the Helix Syn. Well prepared I inserted it. Even though it was much easier to press it in as it was with the Nexux G-Rider, there was nearly as much to feel inside. While the Eupho Syn nearly seemed to dissapear in part the Helix Syn was all present. Until today I am not sure whether it were the circumstances, the exaggerated expectations or by that very size, I fundamentally failed to reach noteworthy feelings during this about one hour lasting session, although I was relaxed, did nothing, had enough time and a quiet space. After I was about to end with this unsatisfying session and had pulled the HS out, I thought I should try another aless (without an aneros tool – session) and went back to bed. It lasted no minute, my gland was back to take command, sended shivering waves through my body, told the muscles what to do to emphasize those feelings and gave me some unexpected pleasures as to say made my day.
    To me it seems, that all these involuntary contractions of the inner muscles have only one aim, to get the tool where the gland wants it.
    (Writing this I was fully focused on my prostate and spontaneously was struck by a little p-wave that build up to a little orgasm forcing me to writh and moan, oh wow, a second wave is coming up starting in head and prostate at the same time, huh, hope that will never happen in the office or I will be able to suppress at least the moaning, wow a happiness is flowing through my whole body, like I powered up my batteries.)
    Therefore it may be better, if the tool is able to dance in the rectum instead of being clenched by the anal canal.
    (It’s still feeling like a fever in the arms. I had an interrupted Eupho Syn session in the morning, maybe my gland is still unsatisfied.)
    As it is a very time-robbing passion we are indulging, please be patient with my blog-updates, as I have to decide to go on with my journey or to write down my experiences, although this time again, I was struck by one during the writing.
    May your prostate be with you and good vibes!

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      10/26/2016at4:30 pm

      @SOwithoutAneros, thank you for this insightful and detailed post on the operation of your Aneros tools, Eupho Syn and Helix Syn. I do not know how long you have been having your Aneros sessions. But clearly you do have prostate focus and attention on how Eupho Syn and Helix Syn move inside you. I think one of the keys for having good Aneros sessions is to let your Aneros tools work for you, allowing them to operate in their own way in individual sessions. That approach has brought excitement and spice in my session in recent months. Then pay attention to how your Aless feels after sessions. You will be surprised and intrigued!

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