• A masturbation session that was absolutely hot!

    Hi guys,
    I have a confession to make. At age 66, I seldom masturbate, maybe once a month or once every six weeks. But when I do, I cum BIG and it is so sweet, much, much more than the heady days of adolescence!
    The DC summer already proving that we will have heatwaves as years previously. Last we were fortunate which a slightly cooler than usual summer with few days above 90's.
    On Tuesday we had a heatwave that finally broke after six days of relentless heat and humidity. Cooler, drier weather from Canada finally arrived. Unfortunately it is a slight respite for the heat and humidity is returning, though not a fierce as it was last weekend. The summertime weather was beginning to make me sick on Monday, so I stayed indoors much of the day on Tuesday.
    Just after midnight Wednesday, I had a hankering to hop back on the Net and into tumblr to see some luscious pics of penis, glans, and gay sex. Then I started reading some of my favorite f**k/suck stories at nifty.org. In the meantime, I had put on my Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup. That jock and cup combo is ideal for containing your "junk" and both interacted with Aless in an amazing way.
    You can order the Champion Deluxe Jock and Cup at http://baseball.epicsports.com
    The urge to masturbate became relentless, so I got a cum rag from my bathroom. I seldom have quickies now. I like to go slow and easy when I jack off. I must have edged for 30-45 minutes when I finally shot my load of cum. It seemed that it took a good five minutes for my body to pump out a load a thick, creamy semen. But oh, how sweet it was! Proof that Aneros works in wonderful ways!

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