• A little R and R

    This post will have good portions of sessions and activities before this evening, but I think some of it will be helpful for others just starting out.
    This has been an amazing three days after getting my first Aneros. I had already been reading up on the experiences of various users and going over the excellent insights from B Mayfield's threads. Relaxation was definitely one of the main focuses I picked up on; letting it happen; letting your body lead the way )to paraphrase(. I had in the back of my mind the thoughts of a Super O and if I might be so lucky to achieve it early on. I tried to not let those thoughts take over, though. I did what I could leading up to the arrival of the Aneros to practice breathing, general relaxation and explore the muscle movements around the rectal area. In retrospect this really helped me keep my wits and stay focused. It would get me to a sort of exploratory state of mind once I got going.
    I had a couple short sessions on Saturday after the Aneros arrived where I got a little better idea of what worked and what didn't. It was successful enough in feeling new sensations that I didn't get discouraged at all with any expectations. I think I was still led by my thinking of traditional orgasms and expecting something like that even though I figured from forum threads that it really wouldn't be like that. I had a couple involuntary thrusts of pleasure with a sense that my sphincter was being pulled in a the same time. They didn't really last all that long and I'm pretty sure the P-tab didn't stay aligned for a good portion of the session. But it did lead me to do more searching on the forum and get a better understanding of the sweet spot and how to keep the P-tab there. Also of note was that I didn't even feel the need to have a T orgasm afterwards. I felt pretty satisfied from my initial efforts.
    The second day was another small step forward then a bigger step but in a subtle way )if that makes any sense(. Anyway, I got a session in during the morning before the Super Bowl. I was doing more with seeing what bigger and smaller motions with the muscles would do. I was still working on the breathing and seeing benefits from sensations as my abdomen moved in and out with the deep breaths. I had more sensation in general and things seems to be progressing. I did have a T orgasm after this session to see what it would feel like. Definitely more sudden in the release; more pleasure, but also more work to get there. I pretty much expected this and it was a nice finish.
    Session #2 on day two was after I'd had my fill of the a lackluster Super Bowl by the middle of the third quarter. I think I was hoping for more action and sensation from this session, but something different and valuable nonetheless happened. I probably shouldn't have expected much from a second session on just my second day. Not much was rising to the surface pleasure-wise. One unique sensation my have been something along the lines of the "butterflies" people on the forum reported feeling in their lower abdomen. I had experiences this too along with p-waves washing their way up that direction. What I felt this time was a low rumble in the same area of the lower abdomen. There was a little bit of detectable tingling from p-waves once in a while, but rumble continued for a few minutes. At this point I was mainly doing breathing to just see what would happen. At some point I had partially rolled up the towel I had under me to elevate my butt to make sure the handle from the Aneros wasn't touching anything. After a while of breathing, having my butt slightly off the bed and my legs mainly straight out with a slight bend I felt a gentle sway take over. Instead of stimulating my nipples with my hands I had let me arms drop to each side of me as lay anchor on this peaceful virtual "hammock" that had been created from my actions )or maybe lack of actions(. It was incredible. There weren't any p-waves or rumbling in my abdomen at this point; just a gentle sway as I was as relaxed as I could remember being in recent years. Just thinking and writing about this has my body swaying as I sit here. I don't know how long I just relaxed there, but there wasn't much else to this session.
    Responsibilities kept me from starting a session on day 3 until after 9 pm. It was worth the wait though. I didn't have great expectations for this session as I had waited so late, but I thought that if I got some good relaxation out of it that it would be a win either way.
    This time I made a pretty good step forward. I had the breathing down good and started out with the towel partially rolled up under my butt like I ended last night's session. The P-tab held in place real good this time. I think I was bending my legs too much in earlier sessions and making the perineum tend to move the tab aside if I wasn't careful. I spent more time with my legs bent less than before. That created enough pressure on the prostate within for when things started "heating up".
    In the process of things building up I turned the session into a little game in my mind. I already had the mindset of letting things happen. I just wanted to continue experiencing new things if I could. The game was that I was sort of teasing myself; as if the source of the pleasure were some other entity within me. )In retrospect I recall a sort of anthropomorphism of one's body in different posts. This game seems like a natural extension of that thought process.( At times I would refrain from stimulating my nipples when I normally would as if to tease "myself". I would give a quick glancing touch of one or both nipples then pull away again. I'm pretty sure I had a silly grin on my face as I did this.
    I tried different muscle contractions in the rectal area as the session went on. Some seemed to continue a little or their on, others not so much. One interesting one I call the cement mixer. I think the name gets the general idea across. This one kept going for a while each time I did it.
    Somewhere along the way things escalated beyond where I had been before. There were more sustained p-waves. Every time my penis would get involved in the wave I knew something new and different was on the way. This anticipation while still letting things happen with only my general guiding of muscle contractions and nipple stimulation took hold and sent me into a blissful state for several minutes. No strong contractions or thrusts. No wild muscle movement. Just sustainable bliss in recurring waves with my subtle actions and movements getting in sync with my unconscious body. I didn't push things I just sustained the process as long as it felt right. I had a nice T orgasm afterward and called it a session.
    And to top things off I sit here typing over an hour the session ended having started to sway since the point that I originally wrote about my swaying "hammock". What a peaceful place to be in. My muscles are quivering as I get another slight piece of bliss as the day comes … to … an … end … laughing.

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