• A happy chappie again!

    Well, after what has seemed like forever, order has finally been restored in my life again. Thankfully nothing serious or drastic occurred just some work on the house that over ran and became a bit stressful. It left me in no mood for much of anything and my sessions ceased for about three weeks. I did begin to wonder whether things would be the same when I once again was able to indulge, maybe some of the re wiring might have been undone, maybe I might have to go back a few steps and take some time to get back to where I was. During my enforced break I had ordered myself an MGX Trident and was looking forward to giving it a try. I was undecided though when the opportunity for a session eventually arose. Should I play safe and use a familiar model or give the MGX it’s debut? It just had to be the MGX, I was intrigued by those ridges at the base of the shaft and was anxious to try. Cut to the chase and all I can say is I had a most enjoyable session, nothing mind blowing just sweet gentle sensations and waves of pleasure. The thing I love about the MGX is that it doesn’t have a bulbous end near the base as the other models do which seems to allow it to be pulled in further, which is when the ridges can most definitely be felt, genius. I had a break the next day but began to feel the urge for a further session during which I opted for my Eupho Trident which always delivers something, on this occasion, once again nothing more than some gentle mini O’s and some blissful waves of contentment. On waking the following morning I was so incredibly horny I had to reach for the Eupho again and enjoyed a joyous 20 minute session. By now I am obviously very aware that nothing detrimental has happened during my spell of enforced chastity and I am happy to report that ones prostate does not forget. Quite the reverse it seems to me, I am up for a session anytime and feeling horny as hell. Tonight it shall be the turn of Maximus Trident. Isn’t the prostate a marvellous thing? In the interests of full disclosure I might add that after my first session with the MGX I ended the session by masturbating to ejaculation, well it had been 3 weeks! So now I am only at day 5 and already feel as if I might spontaneously ejaculate at any time.


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      06/14/2018at10:36 am

      @Harper I’m surprised that you haven’t experienced a wet dream yet? I had one after only 12 days of enforced chastity! I agree that the male prostate is like an elephant: it never forgets! Oh that feeling of a session following a long period of abstinence (Aneros and ejaculation) is especially sweet!

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      06/14/2018at7:37 pm

      @goldenboy. I honestly cannot remember the last time I had a wet dream, it must be decades. I think I was so preoccupied with events lately that it really got to me a bit and I thought of very little else. I think my sessions since have been a source of release from the tension and anxiety that built up, definitely therapeutic. So much so that I think Maximus delivered a Super O last night, experiencing some Aless today and am constantly aroused.

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