• A flirtation

    So, in my previous blog I reported that I was beginning to feel a few stirrings and some arousal. Last evening as I was preparing to shower I found myself become suddenly very turned on and in need of some stimulation. I did consider a session but time was short then my eye fell upon a small glass butt plug that I have seldom used. I decided to try it for an hour or so and see how it felt. While in the shower, after a quick clean and lub it was installed and I set about my ablutions. Fairly soon afterwards I felt something nice and could tell it was in touch with my prostate as I moved around. As I was attempting to shave, a gentle orgasm crept up and had me moaning slightly and I had to hold onto the grab handle. Pre cum was dribbling steadily and I had to rinse myself down. I realised I would not be able to wear the plug around the house as I would not be able to hide any further ensuing orgasms so I removed it. As I was drying myself down my prostate was still tingling and pulsing very pleasantly. Pre cum was still dripping slightly but then I felt a spasm from my anus and prostate and watched as a small stream of clear fluid ran out of my penis. Three or four of these streams appeared, and there seemed to be too much for it to be all pre cum. Afterwards I felt very soothed but still horny at the same time. I know this blog is slightly “off piste” but I thought it worthy of an update to my previous blog. Today my prostate is still giving me some gentle pleasure and I find myself gagging for an session proper.


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      09/04/2018at9:30 pm

      I am green with envy Harper. What you describe is so so erotic and fulfilling to our sexuality as men. You are way beyond the joy bro that you experienced the first time you jacked off. Those times are pretty landmark occasions for all of boys/men.

      How YOUNG/OLD are you bro? Thanks for posting.

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      09/05/2018at7:16 pm

      @Turnrow. Oh, the difference between my pre Aneros days and now is like night and day. I have discovered so many things that my body can do and feel that I never dreamed possible. I am 61 this year, but feel as if those numbers could be easily reversed, sometimes my horniness is off the scale. Can’t help but wonder how it might have been had I discovered all of this years ago. But, there you go, better late than never!

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