• A fight worth losing

    Monday May 4 and Tuesday May 5 closely followed the pattern of Sunday's session: a series of rapid-onset small orgasms, an abrupt calmness that introduced a slow buildup to not-quite-orgasm, and a gradual decompression to the end. The only notable change was that the good tingles got cooking within only a couple minutes of starting.
    I believed I was getting the hang of this thing. Tuesday through Saturday cured me of that notion. I just couldn't get anything going. I'd have a small blast of intense pleasure after a couple minutes, and that was it. Sessions ended when I either fell asleep or got bored.
    That was frustrating at the time, but I think each session was still a useful experience. I gained a sense of when things aren't working out, and I learned that bailing out of a dud session isn't the same as failure.
    Sunday May 10 was wonderful. I burned up half the day in three remarkable sessions.
    On that day, I acquired a surprising tendency to vocalize. Previously, except for a pained grunt at climax, I've never made much noise at all during sex. Now I'm making so much noise it might start affecting where I can live.
    During one of Saturday's sessions, I was attacked by a gang of five or six orgasms, and they gave me no recovery time between beatings.
    “Wha? Another one?”
    “Still not done!”
    “Here we go again!”
    That was shocking. It didn't fit in the context of any previous experience. I couldn't process it in real time, which made it that much more thrilling. For now, the pleasure and its novelty are inseparable, and I wouldn't want it differently.

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