• A Few Days with Aless…Helix Syn Trident…and THC

    So my Aless has been on fire the last couple of days. Mostly due to the THC I am taking for my shoulder and plantar. I’ve come to a point on my journey where if I take THC…its a guaranteed couple of hours of Super-Os.

    I sat on my couch basking in the feeling and my anus basically engulfing my prostate. My wife sleeping to the right of me…one of my best friends to the left of me. I retired to the bedroom. The minute I did that my aless took over. I had a massive super-O and at that point I had to introduce the helix syn trident. The next 30 mins is a blur but I remember screaming into the pillow. The intensity was soooo much I think I passed out. I just remember waking up 3 hours later with basically a dry aneros in my ass and fairly sober. I popped it out and went back to the living room where my wife and friend were now watching TV. Once they retired to go sleep I stayed on the couch and did a few Aless contractions. Things went back to the intense level and the energy was swirling so much I went to my computer desk squeezed some silicon lube into my left hand and proceeded to release all of that tension.

    Sunday was a slow day…I took a break and allowed my body to replenish. Monday rolled around and the wife got a new vape. I came home from work and we went to dinner…she was trying to make me try the vape before then. Knowing full well how my body now responds to THC I decided to wait until later that night.

    So around 11pm I took a few hits and almost immediately my ass woke up. It wasnt before long…I was rock hard and basically having my prostate knock my brain around. There even came a point where the intensity was sooo much my hearing went blank and I could feel that energy exploding in my head. It was great.

    Love being on this journey…

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