• A cure for erectile dysfunction, at least for me!

    Hi guys,

    Early this morning, Sunday at 2 a.m., we switched over to daylight savings time. This year the transition from standard time to daylight savings time was not too traumatic for me. I stay home from church and viewed morning service online. However, I am dressed for bed and will be heading there in a few minutes.

    I am in the tenth year of my Aneros journey which began in early June 2012 with Aneros Syn. June 2012 to mid September 2016, my Aneros journey was hard work. I had a resolute schedule of Aneros sessions three to four times a week, Sundays off. My prostate began to awaken three weeks into my Aneros journey. A couple weeks later in July 2012, I began to have powerful, sweet Aless which I enjoyed immensely. I believe in November 2013, I added to my collection of Aneros tools Tempo which added power to my sessions. On July 4, 2014, I experienced a mild Super-O.

    However, I had to wait until mid September 2016 before I experienced my Super-O and MMO breakthroughs. Since then my Aneros sessions have been effortless. Diddling my nipples and wearing my jocks and cups became very special.

    Tonight I decided to wear a BIKE jockstrap to bed. Wearing a jockstrap magnifies the power and sweetness of nipple diddling and the Kegels.

    Lately I have been thinking about the problem of erectile dysfunction affecting lots of men, judging from the advertisements for erectile dysfunction treatments and cures that I hear from our local radio station. My Aneros regimen coupled with my nipple diddling and Kegels in bed at night has given me over the years powerful and sweetness Aless that seem to have banished from me fears of erectile dysfunction. My lifelong and intense jock and cup fetish is indeed very sweet and powerful in the seat of my sexual manhood!

    Take care!

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