• A couple of GGringo's perceptive comments worth treasuring

    I have enjoyed my interactions with GGringo on Aneros.com of late recently. He became an Aneros member in February 2016.
    He has given me permission to copy the text of his Forum post last week. It is entitled: “Pushing Edging to the Edge.” He describes his masturbation and edging practice how all this relates to his Aneros sessions and Aless. I treasure his perceptive words and when he gave me permission earlier today, that really revved up my Aless! 🙂
    “For weeks now, I was practicing edging or at least I thought I was. I would masturbate and when I felt I was getting close to climax, I would squeeze my PC muscle as hard as I could and stop ejaculation. I was proud of my progress but I never experienced any real orgasms in the process. It felt good and I was thinking, it will come with time and experience.
    “In the last few days, I changed my process and finally discovered my way to multiple orgasm without ejaculation! I masturbate, sometimes aggressively and go as far as feeling the coming of eminent ejaculation and then I squeeze the base of my penis as hard as I can and at the same time, push in my perineum just as hard to suppress ejaculation. The first few times, I did not really feel the orgasm as I was more preoccupied with averting the spill. And then, with practice, I get the full orgasms on every set of strokes but without the spill! In one session, my prostate leaked some fluid but it was not semen and still no refractory. I can now achieve this several times (4 to 6 so far) per session and now I give myself at least a few sessions per day. It’s getting easier and with no refractory period, I am not drained of energy. In fact I feel more energetic all day!
    “One side note, whether related or not to edging, my Aless sessions are yielding much better feelings and sensations than before this new edging practice. I can now feel orgasmic sitting on the chair talking to my wife while she is cooking or while driving, etc.
    “I started my Aneros (and back door play) almost 8 months ago and even though I have not achieved the Super-O level yet, I really cannot complain about my progress and discovery of new sexual sensations. This is over and above my huge health benefit progress.
    “I keep reading from the experts on this forum that things always get better with time. Life is wonderful; I just thought I would share this with you guys.”
    A couple days later, he posted a comment on Aneros Forum on about his fairly recent Super-T experience which spurs me on somehow in my pursuit of the Super-T shoot! I am glad he is a good buddy in supporting me in this currently elusive goal:
    “BigGlansDC , I follow your blogs (and everyone elses) on an on-going basis. This is why I wrote you about the model that worked for me. BTW, my last Super-T, I did it slowly and my prostate evacuate fluids at the rate of about twice what I ejaculated during the session. Prostate liquid fluids first and then the thick stuff. I was seeing stars going by me and my heart beat was faster than a swallow’s. Good luck tonight.”
    Wow! I want that! 🙂

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