• A Boxing Day treat

    I decided to take a break from Anerosing a few weeks ago, due to the fact that I didn't really feel like using the Aneros and mainly due to the fact there'd be no time for any sessions in the run up to Christmas. Over the past week or so I've been getting little feelings and twitches in my perineum but I've tried my best to ignore them as I'd only be torturing myself! On Christmas Eve I was laying down on a hard wood floor when my perineum started to flutter, I involuntarily bucked my hips and brought on some pleasurable sensations. Uh oh. Suddenly very horny but absolutely no chance of a session! I managed to get through Christmas day without too many feelings and THANKFULLY found myself in a completely empty house on Boxing Day morning )bliss(
    I woke up extremely hungry for a session. Knowing I had four or five hours to myself I took my time in getting myself ready for a session. Since it had been a while I was just savouring the old familiar feeling of arousal in my pelvic region and taking pleasure in the feelings and excitement of knowing I was finally going to be able to slide my Helix in and enjoy myself.
    The session started great, I read a tip on the forums that helps with deep valley breathing. Join your thumbs and fingers around the belly button and breathe in with those muscles. I started to get pleasure right away, especially in my legs and groin. My PC muscle started to flutter, which was really nice and it's not something thats really happened before. The feelings were so nice I found myself moaning a little. I was enjoying this soo much.
    Things calmed down a bit so I decided to try a new position by lying in my left side with my legs pulled up slightly. Didn't do much for a while but then my PC muscle started to flutter/contract again which caused some feeling in my Penis. I wasn't sure if I should stop this as I have had unwanted HFWO's in quite a few of my sessions. I just let go and decided to go with it. It felt so good and my prostate swelled, I could feel it grow. My cock started to feel really good, definite orgasmic feelings in the lower part of my shaft. Things were heating up. I was loving it. Then I heard a key in the front door…. noooo! Session ended. I was so gutted!
    Ah well at least it )kind of( satisfied my urges for a little while.

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