• 8-7 to 8-8-2019 – Overthinking it all

    I had several sessions that were only so-so, I think I had expectations from the awesome overnight session. These were frustrating for me. I did spend a lot of time reading posts in the forum trying to figure out what the magic bullet was. I have now discovered there is not one and I need to just ride the waves however they come.

    My frustration led to desiring a traditional orgasm at the end of a session. As a side note I’m older and take Viagra to create & maintain a hard-on. So when I had to rub one out it was a softie, but I was still able to achieve that goal.

    So apparently I still have a good bit of work to do to rewire my brain. This frustration plus all of my reading in the forums got me to buy the MGX Trident in hopes that it would somehow “hit the right spot” for me. Sadly my expectations of it being a magic tool created a couple of not very good sessions when that toy arrived. (I was looking for that magic bullet, others posted amazing experiences with it) (your results may vary…..)

    Advice to others that follow: Don’t chase like I did, slow down, take it easy, take what mistress Aneros gives you. It is going to take some time to rewire a lifetime of traditional masturbation and orgasms.

    More advice: Take what you read with a grain of salt, what others experience will most likely NOT be what you experience. I think sometimes you can read too much, too soon.

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