• 8-29-2019 – MB – 10 days later

    Back from the beach and a 10 day break from sex, aside from looking for bikini clad babes on the beach. Spent the first night with the Helix Syn in. Some pleasant feelings before going to bed. Woke up and spent time playing around, not really a session. Nipple play etc. I was thinking of no masturbation till I had a proper session. I tried the vibrating butt plug again for an hour or so. Tried the MGX Trident, also played with both the Peridise models. Did some stuff around the house with the smaller Peridise inserted.

    I downloaded the HypnAerosession and used the Helix with that in up to, but not including, the final track. Really liked that. Nothing was rushed, but it felt more like I was just playing around, not really doing a “serious” session. Maybe I was just getting reacquainted with my Aneros.

    After that session I cleaned everything up, put stuff away and was done. But a while later I got very horny and started to finger my ass. That progressed to the toothbrush, and that progressed to masturbating without a pill. I had a semi hard on. It felt pretty good and I thought maybe after this I would try some SR and have a couple day break and then come back to the hypnotic sound track. I am not disappointed about this or frustrated.

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