• 7-24-2019 – Vibrating butt plug

    July 24th 2019 – My best memory of what happened about a month ago

    My vibrating butt plug arrived today from flesh light. I’m quite excited to try it out see what it will do for me and my masturbation sessions. I am only at this time beginning to learn about prostate massage in the Aneros toy. So when this vibrating toy was purchased, it was simply going to be a bonus or turbocharger for my masturbation.

    Having read how to have an Aneros type session I actually was working on that a little bit. I started out with inserting the toy, & turning it on. it has several different styles of vibration and I wanted to experience them all. but I think I tried a brief amount of relaxation and some clenching of my PC muscles. And I also had some strangely good feelings that were not related to my penis at that point. This was new, very mild, but definitely new.

    At this point 98% of my goal was simply to improve or turbocharged my masturbation efforts. However because I had overall good feelings I couldn’t describe, I became more intrigued with purchasing an Aneros device and trying to go further down that road.

    I had several traditional masturbation sessions with the butt plug that were quite pleasant. But I continued to read the forums here, and then ordered a helix syn.

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