• 6/25/16 session, rediscovering Helix Syn and Progasm Jr

    Hi guys,
    Early Saturday morning I had a 1.5 hour session with Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic. It was an OK session, thought not one of my best. However, I am really enjoying using Tempo first on my right side and then lying on my back. Tempo in those positions does feel like working with a pair of dumbbells, especially while performing the Kegels.
    Afterwards for the rest of the day, I had moderate Aless.
    However, early last night, I decided to have another session, this time with Helix Syn and Progasm Jr which I hadn’t used together in a very long time. When I performed the Kegels and Reversed Kegels with these models, I gained a new appreciation for them. They seemed to “fit” perfectly. Today, Sunday, I had periods of exquisite, sweet Aless. Take care!

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