• 6 Stages of Aneros Development

    My 6 Stages of Aneros development:
    0. Anal acceptance – a personal stage. Feels REAL good when my ass is played with, but isn't that gay? Ungh! Feels real good when wife plays there, but… Damn! It's good and I don't care! Finger me more!
    Aneros Stages
    1. Interest. Hmm… this looks interesting. More prostate stimulation. Super-O!?! Which one for me? Bought the Helix! Oooh! This feels interesting…
    2. Frustration. Damn! 3 months and while the Aneros enhances the O, where's that Super-O?!? How long does a session have to go? Why can't I get there? Why won't my cock stay hard? Is it worth it to continue?
    3. Relaxation. Stop the typical male goal oriented focus. Calm down. Just enjoy the sensation. Read some posts, watch some vids for ideas. Focus on the internal sensation… feel it spread… ignore cock, focus on the sensation… squeeze… relax… starting to feel something different more intense… Wow! tons of pre-cum leaking… relax, enjoy, squeeze, relax, enjoy….
    4. Super-O! OMG! Holy shit! Thrusting my hips like crazy. Cock titanium hard in an instant… ass is spasming… making weird noises… Ass clamps down… urethra wide as it feels like tons of cum flowing… thrust up in air and hold as whole body shakes… Fuck! Cum so hard! and again! Slowly come-down from Orgasm… Tons of pre-cum but where's the spunk? Felt like I really came… Cock still really hard! Oh damn! Super-O… Involuntary ass spasm… Off to the races again!!! Another! Another! Brush my cock accidentally while spasming… Kaboom! Monster load all over face and chest!
    5. Only Supers. I want more and more of these! Get the Progasm! Damn that size and those tabs are phenomenal! Just Super-O sessions… So cool to cum and not cum! Getting shakes during day without it in…
    6. Euphoria. Move beyond Super-O focus… Variety! Normal jerkoffs – sensation more intense now… Cock focused with Aneros in – knees go week when shoot.. Super-O only sessions… Super-O session ended by blowing monster load… Aneros in and just enjoying euphoric state… Showoff, with pride, ability to wife! Lovemaking with Aneros in… Two crazy partners cumming!

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