• 4 Days of constant pleasure!

    It has been over three months since my last blog post. I have not had any news to write about until recently. I work a weekday job with a long commute. I typically work out after work and by the time I get home, eat dinner and take care of things around the house I did not really have the time or energy for a productive aneros session. If I did try a session, I would just get really relaxed and fall asleep. So, lately I have been doing one session per week on the weekend. I have been thinking that that may not be often enough to see much progress. My weekend sessions have been pleasant. I always enjoy the sensations, and usually have some nice p-waves but nothing orgasmic. I would typically insert the Helix, relax and breathe deeply for a few minutes and then do some contractions. I have a vibrator that I have used with my lady-friend a few times and one afternoon about an hour into a session I got the idea to get the vibrator out and touch it to the p-tab and handle of the Helix. I found this to be quite pleasant and stimulating.
    This came to be my routine. The first hour of a session would be deep breathing and contractions, and then another hour using the vibrator in conjunction with the Helix. Each time I did this, I would get more sensation and pleasure than the time before. I have been abstaining from regular masturbation in order to increase arousal during aneros session, and I would typically finish a session with a traditional orgasm including the Helix with the vibrator buzzing it. The Super-Ts when I do this are easily twice as intense and twice as long in duration as a typical orgasm. I certainly had no complaints about that.
    The weekend before last – Sunday June 17, I was having the most numerous and pronounced p-waves yet, and the Super-T was extra Super as well. The middle of the next week – Wed June 20 I was thinking about my previous session and anticipating my next session and I decided to skip my workout and just go straight home and have a session. Whenever I would think about this I would get a partial erection in anticipation. My Wednesday evening session was every bit as good as the last one had been, and I decided not to finish off with a traditional orgasm Super-T to save my arousal for the weekend.
    Friday afternoon I was aroused thinking about the weekend. I came up with the idea to put the vibrator inside the round part of the Helix handle and duct tape it in place rather than touch it to the p-tab. In order to keep the vibrator in place I had to lay on my stomach with my penis between two pillows. This proved to be the best idea I have had yet. I spent the better part of an hour in p-wave heaven and had at least 3 or 4 mini orgasms.
    Saturday morning I woke up and went to use the bathroom and after I finished peeing I could feel a p-wave start to build and I had a mini orgasm standing in front of the toilet, with precum covering my penis glans. Amazed, I went back to bed smiling, and immediately felt a warm glow radiating from my pelvis. A few minutes later I had another orgasm, this one stronger than the one at the toilet.
    All weekend I was experiencing mild to moderate pleasure in my groin. I had another session Sunday with even better results, just basking in pleasure waves from the Helix and vibrator. I have had pleasurable sensation radiating from my prostate ever since Friday – 4 days in a row now. I would dare say my purchase of the Helix may be the best 60 dollars I ever spent 
    I know that some have said that vibrators do not work for them because they numb the prostate. For me there is some truth to this if the vibration is a constant static buzz, but any alternating pattern I have found to be fantastic. So overall I will say that I am very pleased (ecstatic in fact) with my experience with aneros, but my progress has certainly not been linear. It has taken me 4 ½ months to reach this point, and I have felt some mild frustration at times. But I just wanted to tell my story and offer encouragement to others. If you aren’t where you want to be, don’t give up. Keep reading the blogs and forum and try different things, and you may very well find the key to a new kind of pleasure.

    Call me the one who woke up
    – Siddartha Gautama


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      06/27/2018at1:12 pm

      Hey ‘the one who woke up’ @tenhorn great blog! It’s always good to read about experiences that reach beyond the standard borders. It proves that what does not work for someone (vibration on prostate) may work very well for others.

      Keep writing. Good vibes to you!

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      06/28/2018at11:18 am

      Thanks @GGRINGO! From reading the forum and blogs I have found that there is a wide variety of experience with the aneros massagers. You can find users who say that vibrations are counter- productive for them, but also some who love them. In most cases, the prostate seems to be too delicate to respond well to rough or aggressive handling. The vibrations that have worked well for me are quite subtle.

      Last year I was looking for a mild vibrator to use with a lady- friend. I went into a sex toy store and told the owner what I was looking for. He told me he had a model that was half- price because he was trying to clear them out because customers had complained that the vibrations it produced were not strong enough. The intensity is reduced further because the vibrator is transmitting the vibrations through the handle of the aneros rather than directly touching the prostate. I can verify that this is the case by feeling the difference with my hand between the intensity of the vibrator alone compared to holding the helix with the vibrator in the handle. But those subtle vibrations feel wonderful inside my anal canal

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