• 3d session

    Before I describe my new very good session, let me tell you what happend last night when I went to bed. I was almost sleep when suddenly I felt very pleasing tingles in my anus. Also I think that I`ve got one P-wave.
    Today my session was better of all. I woke up this morning and did a light enema. Then wached some porn and jerked my penis off without ejaculation. After 30 minutes I lyied on my bed and inserted my new friend with a lot of lubrication in my ass. Immediately after the insertion I felt one or two involanture contractions. It was so good. Then I relaxed about 10 minutes and started the contraction. This time I had a lot of pre cum falling down from my cock. After approximately 40 contractions my body suddenly started to shake, my hеart strated beating faster and I felt very veryyyy good. I had the feeling I`ll almost ejaculate for a few seconds. It was sooo good, so I think I`m on the right way to my first dry orgasm. I`m very very horny now and I`m watching porn again and jerk my cock off. I have to do some work after 30 minutes but I will make second session for today because I feel that my anus wants the aneros in again. I`m very addicted to my new toy and think only for this. I`m a gay man and I`ll be happy if someone of experienced users make a lesson video for new users just like me 🙂

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