• 3 times the charm

    I have really been blogging a lot. But so much has been happening to me. To give a little update my dad has still not yet come to me for any advice about his aneros. I still hope he does cause I wouldn't want him to hurt his self. He's old prostate damage might be dangerous. So I have had dry o's, SUPER O'S and full body orgasms as well. But last night I did something that not only shocked me but my body as well. I had three YES THREE HFWO's. It shocked the hell out of me and I didn't even have my Helix in.
    It was a rest day so I really wasn't even going to ride. But after talking in the chat with a newbie I decided to going ahead and get my ride on. I was listening to my mp3's again. I really enjoy enhanced bliss. As I'm laying there naked feeling the waves I begin to rise and shake. I love full body orgasms. If you haven't experienced one yet just know you might want to hang on.
    I'm riding and riding reaching the top of my peek. I'm only 6 minutes into the mp3. I feel it. The pre cum is dripping on my leg. I'm not touching my penis and I wasn't even stimulating my nipples. I get quiet to muffle my sounds and to calm my breathing then BOOM. I got hit with a boost of energy and my body lifted up and cum came shooting out of my dick. It was hard orgasm. I felt every little drop escape the head of my penis. I calm down. The breathing is back to normal. But I still feel something.
    Usually when I have a HFWO i had to jack off to get the rest out but no. I wanted to see what else I can do. But my dick was tingling and I didn't know if it was pee or more cum. But I was prepared. I feel it rising again. My shoulders are now moving and my arms an hands are flaring all over the place. I'm even slapping my self on my legs and stomach cause I'm clearly not in control anymore. More pre cum and then my body lifts again. I'm calming down my breathing once again. It's a slow rise this time. My sexual demon is teasing me again. God just release I say. Ohh ohhh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH my body feels like its spinning around like a spin top. My dick is rock hard then BOOM. Another explosion of cum comes rocking out of the head of my already wet with cum dick head.
    Wow the nuts in one day. I'm so lucky. They were both big and very emotional. I had tears in my eyes because of the great feeling I was having. But I wasn't done. My dick still felt like it had more to give me and I was already wet with cum but I wanted it out and so did my sexual demon. So this time I'm gonna jack this one out of me. I use the other two beautiful sperm samples as lube. I begin to think about this beautiful night and what I did. I begin to get back hard. I'm contracting my hole as if I had my helix in which is fooling my prostate but still giving me sensations.
    I'm jacking faster now. I begin to rub the top of me penis head which is so sensitive and makes me cum harder. I'm rubbing and jacking and moaning and feel amazing and then it got so hard. So hard that it started to get a little painful. But I like that. Pain in sex is so needed some times. I'm just a freaky guy. It's pulsating and I can see the pre cum just slide down my shaft. I get it all the way to the top and rub my dick head again with the cum as lube and ropes os cum comes shooting out of my dick like a bottle rocket on the fourth of july. I shot that cum everywhere. My hair, my stomach, all over my sheets, the floor. It was amazing. I haven't had a three night nut fest in a couple of years. I loved it. But I'm finding out that my aneros-less session sare becoming just as explosive and fun as if I had my aneros in me.

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