• 2nd super o

    It’s been awhile since I’ve listened to that super o audio file by Shibby, which I have not orgasmed to yet. With all the progress made, this time the experience was so different I did manage a super o and a couple lesser orgasms.

    Following her guidance, I relaxed and tried to give up control. It seemed that the less control I tried to exert, the more pleasure I would receive. Eventually, the super o came and it was different from my first one which was felt mostly like a super dry orgasm. In this 2nd one there was a very strong sense of an orgasm throughout the body and not localised to the prostate. My whole body was cumming for about 30 seconds straight. I noticed that i was seeing flashes of red and blue. It could have been from my eyes trying to roll to the back of my head from all the pleasure and being in the afternoon, the red could have been some of the natural light that was entering my dim room.

    As the super o started to subside, I noticed that my orgasm started to slow down and pulse slowly. It was a slow orgasm! My hips were thrusting ever so slightly in tune with each contraction.

    Didn’t feel the need to ejaculate immediately but I did edge for a short while to some porn. It took a lot of effort to not ejaculate! Looking forward to how this affects my next session.

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