• 2nd session

    Hi guys. I am still to get my first device. Last night I was in bed and I inserted my finger which was pleasant. I did a gentle beckon with my finger and it felt quite good. I stimulated my nipples which increased the sensation and then massaged my perineum and I could feel it make contact my fingers inside which was awesome. So I alternated and the sensations were good. I could become addicted to this and I never wanted it to stop. I wasnt having orgasms but it felt good. When I touched my penis it felt as though it was buzzing, a kind of electricity. I then arched my back and then lowered it so my finger could go deeper and did that a few times and it felt good. Later on I rested and where my finger was positioned I could definitely a strong pulse and the feelings were good. Unfortunately I didnt orgasm or cum but think I am getting there maybe.
    The amount of precum was a lot

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