• 21 day challenge

    So i like to make my journey with aneros and prostate play interesting anyway i can. I have 4 models a fleshlight and so many cock rings and ball stretchers for penty of gooning and edging. But I wanted to do a more in depth to my sexual pique an see how far down the rabbit hole I can go. Now I have done the 21 day challenge before and it was amazing. It is a blog here of my results. But with having so much experience under my belt I wanted to see how far I can go with out having a wet orgasm or even a penile orgasm. I want all the energy to come from my ass and move through out the rest of my body. Maybe to my balls or maybe to my dick head. But I want to see what my prostate can trigger in me that has not been triggered before.
    I am already on day 4. I have edged and gooned to the point of a raw dick (i love jacking off lol) but even still the feeling i get are just mind blowing. I have a steel ball stretcher and to have my saggy balls yanked down with my Progasm Ice going crazy in my hole just was mnd blowing. I instantly felt stirring my my ass and then felt energy run through my chest. My nipples got rock hard as if I had been pumping them for hours. I began to pour pre cum all over my self even leaked a few pew drops when I reached my peak or orgasmic bliss.
    My dick jumped around as my ass stole the show and I didnt mind at all. As my progasm ice rammed its self in me my breathes got shallower and full body orgasm after orgasm after orgasm just shattered me til i cried out in full pleasure. I sleep so good after words. I ride at night so I was so pooped that i just kept the ball stretcher and progasm in me and woke up wet from pre cum and all smiles. So stay with me as my journey shows me new tricks and turns to please my self.

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