• 21 + 1

    This will be short and sweet as im still trying to recover. I eneded my tantra no ejackulation challenge today. Yes 22 days of no cumming. I didnt start til 12 midnight. I turned on some very sexy slow music and got completely naked. It was rather hot so the room was already sizzling and adding my erotic state it was a inferno.
    With a oild up dick and my hard suckable nipples my arousal state was to the higest it has ever been. With only a few strokes of my hard throbbing dick and a few thrust with my ass mucles on my device I shot my 22 day edged prlonged cum out my body and enjoyed every minute of it. My cum was very watery but the ropes and ropes and ropes that shot out of me was so exciting and amazing. Some reached my lips will most of it shot all over my chest. As horny as I was I was not going to let my juices go to waiste so I scoped them up and devoured them. All that cum just sliding right down my mouth oh it tasted heavenly.
    So heavenly that it made me hard all over again. So with my slicked up cum covered dick I jerked off again and with in minutes I was having another watery cum fountain explode all over me. I couldn't do nothing but smile. I didn't want to move or do anything. So I slept in my own juices cause thats the nasty cum whore that I had transformed into that night well morning. When I woe up sticky and hard again I decied to spit in my palm to rejuvenate the dry cum on me and use it as lube to start again. Oh but this time the cum was thic and it reached my lips again. I i loved this challenge and i love my dic and cum. I now my sessions will be so much greater now. After wards I got emotional cause i was feeling so good. Like why am i able to feel this great and others cant.

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