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    As the title suggests, I can't have a session for 2 weeks as I am studying (and sometimes partying ofc) at home during easter. I think that paradoxically, not having a session might be able to aid me in my progress.
    At this point it is necessary to try to define where i am in the rewiring process and what I do during a session, both for myself and also to make it more relatable for fellow aneros users. (presuming anyone reads this :d). I have been going at it for almost half a year, and i own the helix and progasm models. I mostly use the helix though. I am reluctant to use the milestones as they might not apply for everyone, so i'll try to use them in combination with my own words.
    I only recently started to make it mandatory to start my sessions aroused. Because I have a busy social life and i have to be opportunistic in deciding when i have a session, this was not the case before. This boosted my experiences drastically. As soon as I insert, i feel a light buzz in my prostate, so i am definitely feeling contact.
    When i'm comfortable, i start using deep breathing techniques and i feel a constant feeling of pleasure in my lower region. I then introduce all kinds of contractions, except for contractions of the PC muscles, which i try to avoid. I am still looking for the perfect system of contractions so i'm experimenting a lot. I just try to make sure i'm not contracting too hard. I can feel the aneros massaging my prostate and sometimes, there are involuntaries too. When i try to visualise this "massaging" it further increases my pleasure, though it allways stays centered around my abdomen.
    After a while though, I start to reach a plateau and i can't go beyond that phase. It occurs when i'm feeling very good, and it is almost impossible to just release my contraction, without inadvertently stimulating my penis using my PC muscles. This is usually coupled with getting an erection, and the feelings just flow away from my prostate to my penis. I try to continue, thinking that maybe this is part of the process, but it's like Shaq at the line… way too much power and no subtlety. This is quite frustrating and after that it gets very hard to reach the same plateau and if I reach it, it happens again. Trying to find an answer to this problem is my main goal. I am still quite young (22) and virile, so my sessions always end with a traditional orgasm, i just couldn't imagine it any other way. This is another thing that is very noticable: after about 3 hours, I just get that craving to stroke it to complection, like at some point, out of nowhere, the idea pops in my head and I can't concentrate on my sessions anymore, I think it has something to do with the stimulation my penis receives at those "crucial" moments. Maybe i'll try to end a session without the T-O, unless this abstinence might cause damage anywhere. This is an average session in a nutshell. Now on to how this hiatus might benefit me.
    I allways was of a more contemplative nature and I think that now is a good time to revisit the usual FAQs and guides (The wiki, B mayfield's thread etc..).
    Today, I opened wordpad and just started reading, i've been at it all day. Whenever I found something that i hadn't tried before, or a theory that looked sound, or anything that could be useful in any way, I put it in wordpad.
    The following is what i've accumulated.
    – Start aroused, this is seriously underrated
    – Start relaxed, this is something i've come accross on my own. To this end I purchased (and am currently reading) a book about meditation, it is called "Wherever you go, there you are" by Jon Kabat-Zinn and i think it might be beneficial for people like me who are (maybe overly) rational, and ponder everything. It might aid me in "letting go".
    – Try out the "quivering" breathing technique, almost like sobbing, described in the "B's Keys to the Backdoor" topic in the forum.
    – Listen to music, I remember i used to get high on Explosions in the sky and Mogwai and just chill out, maybe i'll try that again.
    – Finally, in an effort to get over the plateau, I'm going to try to only think about the pleasure, and visualise it expanding to all regions of my body in hopes that when i reach the dreaded point, it won't just center around my penis and ruin my involuntaries.
    This is not everything, but it's centered around the problem of the plateau….
    In closing, i would like to apologize for any grammatically incorrect sentences and overall flaws in my comprehension of English. It is not my native tongue. I hope it was still a good read, and maybe even an helpful one.

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      04/06/2010at8:17 pm

      "I think that paradoxically, not having a session might be able to aid me in my progress."
      I agree taking time to evaluate your experiences is valuable, it allows you to assimilate the wordless knowledge of feelings and gain insight and understanding of yourself. These are essential elements for further progression in your journey.
      "I then introduce all kinds of contractions, except for contractions of the PC muscles, which i try to avoid. I am still looking for the perfect system of contractions so i'm experimenting a lot. I just try to make sure i'm not contracting too hard."
      First, please dispense with trying to find "the perfect system of…", there is NO PERFECT SYSTEM, even one which may seem to work great for you on one day may fail you in your very next session. Experimenting is a good practice, you will learn much about how your body reacts to various techniques and thus refine your style. However, I am curious and dismayed why you are rejecting use of one of the primary muscle groups for powering your Aneros. Why avoid using your PC muscles? If you deny yourself an important and effective tool in crafting your journey is it any wonder the journey would progress more slowly? You need not be concerned using your PC muscles will stimulate your penis, as long as you are not manually stimulating your penis this should not be a problem. Erections may come and go during a session, just let them and enjoy the feelings when they occur. When you find yourself beginning to focus on your penis, just gently redirect your conscious focus back to your prostate, your nipples, your anus, your testicles or any other erotic area of your body. This too is part of the 'rewiring' necessary to progress.
      Second, IMHO, until you have crossed over to the Super-O a few times, I recommend you divorce Aneros use from a traditional ejaculatory orgasm. That is not to mean you shouldn't have or enjoy them, just separate the association of Aneros and penis stimulation leading to orgasm. I think this is fundamental to establishing the new thought paradigm regarding Aneros use and the Super-O. There have been many discussions about abstinance aiding arousal but you need not endure "blue balls" either on this journey. You are learning to expand your orgasmic repetoir, not substitute one form of orgasm for another.
      I think the items you have "accumulated" in your reading are definitely going to keep you headed in the right direction, good for you for doing the digging! Those are all good notations. The essence of this practice is putting all those notions together and into practice without having to consciously think about them, thus the admonition about "Just Let Go" It is ironic and paradoxical we need to learn all this information just so we don't have to think about it to enjoy the Super-O pleasure state.

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