• 2-19-20

    Great session today, I was trying to “hold” the device with 40% pressure. That was tough, used my fingers to feel it and trying to get used to what that is. Warmed up with Helix Syn, had some good feelings. Switched to Eupho and kept trying to just hold the device, and as I got feelings, “P Waves”, I tensed up my body subconsciously. So I tried to relax into it, seems like maybe I was learning a little about how my body works and that I can hold the device @ 40% without tensing. At this point I had some VERY intense feelings and very erotic fantasies popping into my brain. It did not last too long, maybe 2-4 minutes. I tried to stay there as much as possible, but relaxing my body seemed to take it down a notch. A couple times i realized I was arching my butt right off the bed.

    Eventually things seem to cool down some and I switched to the Progasm. I was lubing it while holding the Eupho in partially and seems like I started up again, almost like being distracted with the lubing was a good thing. So I spent a few minutes and kept lubing the Progasm. Eventually inserted the Progasm but the most pleasure was the insertion. So I went to the Njoy, small end first, nothing, switched to large end. On my back hands free I started to contract the PC. The small end was on my thigh and the extra feeling on my leg seemed to be a turn on. I had an even more intense feeling here, and at one point was not sure that I was voluntarily moving the Njoy or if it was going on it’s own. This was also a turn on, this was the most intense feeling I have had yet, so this is greatly encouraging.

    Side note I am on day 16 of a 21 day no ejaculation challenge. First 9 days or so were not too bad. The last 5 or 6 I am starting to climb the walls. I am seeing sexy girls everywhere I look it seems. I was NOT going to do a session or ANY touching of my body at all. But that is out the window. Only thing I have is not jacking off, I will be only 4 days left tomorrow, so I am determined to hold out, but man……

    Side note #2 – I never changed devices before, always tried to just stay in the moment, as if moving might break the mood. However my sessions have been mostly lackluster with little good feelings here and there. And I read about others trying different tools, so I gave it a shot. I would say a success! I can’t wait to have another session. I had some pretty decent results when new maybe 6 months ago or so, then it flattened out. But the first month or so I was major league Aneros horny, wanted to keep putting it in. So I am pumped that I have a little of this feeling back. If no ejaculation is getting me Aneros horny again, I might have to keep it up.

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