• 12/9

    I’m really liking this Progasm Classic. Got to sleep in a bit since I didn’t work and school was on a snow delay. Did my normal morning routine although I did spend a little time edging the little guy. I’m amazed at the control I had, it was weird. I’ve never thought of or even considered edging, I’ve always hammered to completion. We’ll see what happens, I’m curious to see the results after reading about others experiences. PC went in nice and easy, my butt must be getting used to it. Such a great feeling. It doesn’t take long to start getting that buzzing feeling in my loins. I must be able to get really relaxed and in tune quickly. I guess I’m gifted in that sense. I’m able to experience some p-waves within 5 minutes and then I’m able to trigger some involuntaries followed by some dry orgasms. Damn that shit is addicting. I’m making too much damn noise on the bed so I throw some pillows off the bed and move to the floor. I put a couple of pillows under stomach and lay face down with my butt in the air and start some light PC contractions. It’s not long before my ass is gyrating, my prostate starts throbbing and PC starts autof*cking me. I’m getting hammered but it feels so damn good. I lose track of time, I don’t know how long this goes on for. I finally roll over once the feelings subside to catch my breath. I have a sitting chair in my room so I move over to it and rest my feet on it so my legs are bent at a 90 degree angle and my butt is against the chair. I rest there for a few minutes and start another round of PC contractions to see if I can trigger another round of autof*cking. Yup, no problem although this time I’m bouncing off the floor and it is hitting my prostate hard and good. Holy shit it’s good. Once again I lose track of time, when it’s finally over I’m able to relax and catch my breath. This is fricken great. I’m writing this almost 10 hours after I finished, I’m tired and my muscles ache like after a good gym workout.
    This is day 5 of SR although I may end it tomorrow.


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      12/10/2016at11:32 am

      @anerosjunque Great that you are at Day 5 of SR! Have you made it to Day 7? If you do, your testosterone level will naturally increase by about 50% at that time and you will feel amazing! Keep posting those great blogs!

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      12/10/2016at6:00 pm

      @goldenboy I couldn’t walk the fine line and hit the PONR. I’ll try again a shoot for Christmas. My testosterone levels go up every 3-4 days anyways.

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      12/11/2016at12:51 am

      @anerosjunque, your vivid writing is always a pleasure and puts a leer on my face when you report about experiences I gained similarly.
      As long as I didn’t know about the release dry orgasms by Aless can give me I was not able to meet the challenge longer than 5 to 7 days. Just for today I have already egded myself for 1 x 3 times/1 x 5 times/1 x 2 times to PONR in the morning/shortly after noon/early this evening. Inbetween I have had five dry Os along with two super Os from Aless moments. As I am on day 9 of SR today I can tell that I never would have thought which peak my testosterone level is able to climb onto.
      To even heighten the challenge for my aching balls I put on my NEO-STRETCH Rubbery Ballstretcher (SHORT version for my high and tight sack) by OXB*LLS (their website is NSFW!). My arousement is beyond believe – going up from prostate to balls, half up the spine and back and then up and down again.
      Sitting on my chair I only need to open and close my legs for four, five times to initiate a strong chairgasm. My whole body and my brain are in a state of continued arousal, it feels like an everlasting slight orgasm. Only when there is some distraction as when pursuing some not sexual activities the feeling subsides for a short while, coming back even a little stronger when reducing the scale of operations.
      As I am 7 years older than you are I dare say loosely based on Jim Steinman “God damn it son! You know I love you, but you got a hell of a lot to learn about rock ‘n roll” ” (http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/meatloaf/wastedyouth.html)
      In a quarter of an hour I am on day 10 and already knowing why “to become insane” is also called “to go nuts”! 😉
      Following a weird idea I just succeeded to put a leather ballweight of one quarter pound around my NEO-STRETCH. Uuuuhhh!
      Good vibes and give SR some more tries!
      P.S. Didn’t know that they, too, have a BORG-theme stretcher. As if referring to my blog “We are Prostate. Resistance is Futile.” their slogan is:
      “We control your balls…your nuts are one with the BORG…your sack is being assimilated, resistance is futile…prepare for emission…”

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