• 11/27/18

    Last night I had my first twinkle with the mgx. I started early at 7:30. I was at the computer sitting side saddle minding my own business when I felt the twinkle of an orgasm tingle start. It came out of no where starting deep in my belly than dispersed in a flowing ripple of a wave, like a rock being tossed into water. Once it dispersed to my extremes no amount of doing nothing or something would bring it back so I stopped for the time.

    Took my shower and went for the helix. Laid in bed for a bit and decided to try some blending. I reached down and started some external massage. Immediately an orgasm started to grow. I stopped to see if the helix would take over but did not. I kept massaging slowly keeping the orgasm just lit up, kinda like edging. Nothing came of it. I started a slow contraction and found a point that with every beat of my heart my pc muscle also contracted involuntarily. I could feel the helix slowly disappear, I no longer felt the fullness just the slight movement over my prostate. I believe my body is starting to get accustomed to both of these tools as I don’t feel the mgx after several minutes once inserted either. Since I no longer feel them inserted I’m hoping this frees up my conscious mind to experience the motion and stimulation they were designed to give, so I rolled over on my side and delved into a do nothing state along with manta thoughts focusing on feeling the head glide up and down the gland while breathing. I ended up dozing off but was woken up to the same pulsing of my body like I had before. Very intense pounding over my entire body at twice the speed of my heart beat. I tried some light contractions to see if something would arise, no joy. Again I ended up dozing off, this time being woke up to a light feeling of weightlessness in my head but my body felt like it weighed so much that I couldn’t lift my fingers, not that I wanted to try. I reveled in this feeling and let it linger till it faded. Once it was gone I got up and cleaned up to go to sleep. Sleep came quick & hard because if felt like just minutes but was hours when the alarm went off.

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