• 11/25/18

    Woke up at 5:30 again, felt empty. I went and got the helix to start the day. I know I should give a day between sessions but woke up several times with a screaming hard boner. God I need to get laid but know it most likely won’t ever happen again. Hell I’ve forgot what it feels like to have a hot wet pussy wrapped around my cock, it’s been so long

    Slipped back into bed on my left side. I decided to start w/ do nothing and breating. I can feel the helix sliding in/out ever so slightly w/ each breath but not actually sliding or putting any pressure on my prostate. No different than the first time or second time, I know it’s there just not responding to tactile input yet on that side. I don’t know how long it was but I felt a jolt go from my prostate up thru my cock. With in seconds I was hard as a rock. Having my cock grow is not uncommon when doing an external massage, sometimes if the feeling is just right, but it is generally a slow gradual increase in size taking maybe 10 seconds to full size. This was fully soft and small at about 1.5″ long to full engorge of around 8″ in literally 2 seconds. It felt wonderfully full and just south of the painfull kind of hard on one gets with a cock ring that is on the edge of being to small. I almost wanted it to get to that point. I didn’t jerk when this happened to cause a contraction, I just breathed feeling a sliding motion waiting for the next jolt or tingle to come my way.

    Again I over relaxed and fell a sleep on my side (gotta stop doing that) waking a while later to the same pulsing feeling like yesterday. Pulses at twice my heart rate. I tried doing ever so light contractions in time w/ every other breath but no joy.

    Got a quick flash of what my be in the future. Each use gets me closer to the “prize” if you will.

    Need to restart the SR clock after 10 days. Fell off the wave while taking my shower today. I just can’t seem to get my muscles to fully relax to get a dry o while masturbating. I can feel my prostate vibrate while on the edge and it feels absolutely awesome. Than without warning I go to explode level and all I can do is watch it flow out.

    I think I’m going to have to lay off the cock/balls ring as waking up several times a night with a raging hard on, as wonderful as it feels, is starting to become frustrating as I know I can’t do anything about it. If I could just get to the dry o level I would not feel so bad about it. I NEED TO GET FUCKING LAID SO BAD. Sorry, was that my outside voice? I want to share this new journey with someone that would help to expand it or encourage it, besides you guys that is. Ok rant over.

    l think that is all for this week. I most likely won’t get to play with my pleasure tools again till next week end. Although I might be able to get some standing room only sessions in the shower for my daily “me time”. 15-20 minutes is better than none.


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      11/27/2018at4:12 am

      This is an add on after the fact of observations.

      I had a good session last night while doing an external massage before going to sleep. Had 3 wonderful full body orgasms. This however is not what this entry is for though. I noticed the difference between the stimulation from the aneros product and stimulating manually in respect to how the ‘sweet spot’ is concerned for me.

      The aneros products (helix & mgx tridents) I have press the ‘sweet spot’ in the same location as I do when doing an external massage

      Imagine taking your middle & ring finger like they are taped together, press them into your leg and gently push them away than pull back to your palm. The fingers are not physically sliding over the skin of the perineum but the skin on the tips of the fingers is tugging so you are in essence moving your fingers very minutely. My movement starts at the same speed as my heart beat. As the tingle of orgasm starts to build and begins to envelope my body the speed of my fingers increases to just faster than heart beat speed, maybe 1.2 or 1.3 times the speed, just out of sync. once this speed has been reached increasing or decreasing causes the orgasm feelings to fade away. The amount of pressure seems to determine the possible type or orgasm.If it is just a light pressure perhaps enough to just dimple the skin I get the electric tingle type orgasm. If I push in hard and actually place pressure on the base of the prostate I get an orgasm that has the same feeling and intensity as a penile orgasm but enveloping the entire body starting within my body than flowing out to the extremes. feet, hands, head.

      The aneros products don’t move forward/back like my fingers, but feels more like a straight press in/pull out. Now in saying that The first time I used the mgx it was pressed in quite deep (as deep as I go at least) and the helix used later was just sitting on the surface. The next morning when I used the helix it was pushed in as deep as the mgx was the previous morning but did not retry the mgx in the afternoon to see if the results were the same as the helix in the afternoon.

      I am going to try increasing the speed of my contract/release to match my heart beat when using the aneros products just for s&g to see if the head of the aneros gliding along the back of and the p-tab pressing on the bottom of the prostate will invoke the same type of stimulation.

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